ILEAP's Birthday Bonus

Celebrate your Birthday with ILEAP

ILEAP love a Party!

A good few years ago we were told by a lovely Parent that she was finding it difficult to organise a Birthday party for her Son.

Meeting the needs of all of his Friends was a difficult task for her and so she asked if we could help.

We did a bit of research and quickly heard that Birthday invites for some members were few and far between.

Since then we have been going the extra mile to make Birthday's memorable and fun for all of our VIP's.

Here's how it Works

Check out the ILEAP programme on our website

Look for a session that falls on or close to the Birthday of your loved one.

Drop us an email or let us know that you would like to celebrate your birthday with us and at which session.

Thats it. Sit back and relax and we'll take care of the rest.


Over the years we have collected lots of party decorations and Party Paraphernalia and we have our own disco and lights, and budding DJ's, so we have most of the things we need for a great party.

All we ask for is plenty of notice and a donation to help us to continue our great work made through

Over the years, we have collected lots of feedback, please keep it coming in.

"Can you please thank the Pamper Club staff and Volunteers, who helped my Daughter celebrate her Birthday, they were wonderful. Thank you for all you do."

'Just a quick note, we all want to thank you and everyone at ILEAP for the wonderful party on the 16th. It was everything she had wanted - a real disco with her friends. They even played her sort of music - especially Abba! What was so great was to see her and all of her friends together having such a great time in a safe setting. Seeing them all with the fantastic dedicated staff members brought tears to my eyes.'