Daily Instructions

November 13, 2015


Do Now

Finish reading your section of chapter 3

Come up with 3 connections

Share your connections with your group

Post your best connection to "The Great Molasses Flood Chapter 3" discussion board

Explanation of Haiku Deck Presentation

Part 1

Do Now

  • Download the app Haiku Deck
  • Click "add to Chrome"
  • Open the Haiku Deck app
  • Click "sign in" and create a new account
  • Use your school email

Part 2

Finish Reading Chapter 3

  • Go to Google Drive
  • Go into your Library folder
  • Open your Inquiry Journal
  • Remind yourself of the section you were reading in Chapter 3
  • Finish reading Chapter 3

Part 3

Come Up With 3 Connections

  • What personal connections can you make to what you read?
  • How can you connect the section that you read to the big picture of what we've been talking about?

Part 4

Share Connections With Your Group

  • Go around and let each person in your group share the three connections they've written down

Part 5

Post Your Best Connection

  • Go to Schoology
  • Click on Materials
  • Go to Discussion Boards
  • Click on "The Great Molasses Flood Chapter 3"
  • Post your best connection

Part 6

Haiku Deck Presentation

  • You may work alone or with a partner from your group

  • You can access Haiku Deck from “All Apps” on your Chromebook

  • Choose an individual from The Great Molasses Flood reading.

  • Create a presentation on this person.