Week-At-A-Glance Jan. 18- 22

The Minnie Howard Campus of TC Williams HS

Every student succeeds!

An Educator's Quote for the Week... In celebration of the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!!!

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Titan-of-the-Week & Minnie Howie Roaming Gnome Award

Titan of the Week:

Dean Jackson is the Titans of the Week. Thank you for showing your school spirit Dean Jackson by wearing spirit attire each day during our Winter Spirit Week. From Mix it up day to Doc McStuffings to Pajamma Jammies, Thank You for continuing that spirit into 2016!!!!! :)

The Titan of the Week Premium Parking Spot is up for grabs this week. First come first serve! :)

How can you get the Titan of the Week Upper Lot Award? It is easy! Just wear Titan Gear or college wear on Fridays and your name will be entered into a drawing that morning. Each week in Ms Wood's Week-At-Glance the next week's winner will be announced.


Minnie Howie the Roaming Gnome Award

Minnie Howie is looking for a new home... Ms. Moody, who will it be????

Brought to you by Titans Succeed / Renaissance Committee in appreciation of all that you do to make this a great place to work and learn.

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Jan. 5-22: Benchmark Assessment

This year, ACPS will be implementing a Benchmark Assessment process designed to help school staffs monitor students’ progress toward SOL proficiency. Benchmark Assessments will be administered in all SOL-tested courses from January 5-22, 2016. Contact your department chair for more information.

Jan. 21: 2016-2017 Minnie Howard Planning Mtg. @ 3:30pm

Jan. 21: Minnie Howard Tours / Q&A 4-5pm

Teachers and Staff please be mindful of the Minnie Howard Tour / Q&A Session on Thursday. If you are able to be visible working in your rooms, working with students or catching up on copying; give a wave or a smile to our visitors.

Our Minnie Howard Open House will be on Feb. 18th from 12:30pm to 3:00pm. More details on this event are forthcoming.

Jan. 22: RESCHEDULED Pep Rally... Winter Spirit Week 2016

Friday January 22:

FIRED UP FRIDAY Wear your class colors! 9th Black, 10th White, 11th Blue, 12th Red

Pep Rally Friday... 9th grade students will walk to the King Street Campus for the end of week pep rally.

Saturday, January 23:

Winter Formal

A Look into Next Week...

Jan. 26th: WIDA Testing will start

Feb. 4th: Quarter 2 Ends

Don't Forget!!!! The School Store has Permanent Hours!!!!

The school store will be open Tuesday and Thursday mornings (8:00-8:25) moving forward. We have new items in stock, including Water Bottles (CamelBak) for $15. Additionally there are: Sweatshirts, Quarter Zips, Athletic Shorts, Baseball Tee's, Hats, Bags, Blankets, Athletic Wick T-Shirts and more!

Easy holiday shopping. Students can begin buying Tuesday, so make sure to place your order Tuesday because stock runs out. All orders will be ready by the next open day of the store, payment due upon pickup.

Data Chats for January: Administrative Teacher Mtgs.

Based on our November Data Chats, the Administrative Team will be scheduling follow-up meetings with teachers in each department to better understand and support each department's goal of student growth and achievement. The mtgs. will be the start of our mid-year evaluation process and may go into the month of January.

Please make sure you get all of your 1st quarter data in to the Administrative Team if you have not done so already.

Thank you :)

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Monthly Fire Drills

The monthly fire drills will be random. The team will no longer announce fire drills to ensure we are practicing what needs to happen in the event of a real emergency.

Please remember the following during each drill...
  • Please make sure you instruct all of you classes on the procedures and etiquette for fire drills.

  • Please remember to lead your class out of the room for the fire drill. Once the

    alarm sounds, give quick and concise instructions, name a student to close the door and lead students to the field.

  • Upon re-entry of the building, instruct students to go directly to the class of origin regardless of time and change of periods (attendance should be taken when the entire class has returned to the classroom). In the event of a period change during a drill or an actual emergency, the administrative team will release students via the PA to their next class.

  • Attendance must be taken before, during and after drills and/or emergency situations to ensure all students whereabouts and safety.

We are ONE and as ONE we work together!