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Creating in the Cafe: Pockets to Chair

I LOVE making things. The satisfaction derived from seeing an idea through to fruition is like no other. Through years of making, I have learned some things...

  • creativity and mastery of media techniques requires time and doing (not reading or watching)
  • problem solving work between idea and end product is hard and sometimes not fun
  • embrace changes in course during the process as opportunities for growth.

Why is this worth your consideration? Aside from developing their information literacy, our students' meaningful application of technology in their learning often revolves around their ability to create using technology. How are their voices, their ideas, their engagement with others, clarified and shared through technology? Do they have time to figure it out? Do they know it might not always be a quick, easy thing? Are they prepared to change course if needed, to make sure they are communicating and collaborating effectively?

- Mrs. Berka

More on Creativity

Just sharing here.... Coincidentally, these two videos came through my daily ScoopIt feed as soon as I finished writing the headline article. Both videos further illustrate what my experience has borne out.

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