Racism all over the world

Racism is...

Racism is something that had being in this world for a long time. Racism breaks one of the Human's Right: Freedom from Discrimination. This topic is important because the racism affects and/or hurts people with no reason toward the person. Racism's hurts people or even families only for being different (skin, language, weight, etc). People with different skin color are more being discriminate that other type of people. People had being hurt or even die for being different.

Racism this days

A Muslim chaplain recognized by the White House “as a leading Muslim female in the United States” is claiming that she was discriminated against by a United Airlines flight attendant who refused to give her an unopened can of Diet Coke because it could have been used as a weapon.

and also

Many black teachers across Ontario still face racism on the job, according to a new study of educators, half of whom said they believe being black has hurt their chance of promotion. Some told of hearing the ‘N’ word used in the staff room and being mistaken for a trespasser.

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The main work of UER is to illuminate the damage done to individuals by racism and undo this damage on an individuals basis, using the resources and process of Re-evaluation.