by Iman Shaikh

Imagine you are eating a red ripe strawberry.You start wondering who picked that strawberry. A robot may have picked that very strawberry. Special robots called Agribots are programmed to help farmers with daily activities. In this article you will learn what Agribots are, how Agribots know when the fruit is ripe, and what else Agribots do.

What are Agribots?

Agribots are special robots that help farmers tend to plants. They know when the fruit is ripe and ready to pick. They also know when the plants need water.

What Agribots do

Agribots can detect when fruits are ripe and ready to be picked. The plants have sensors that tell the robot when it is ripe and what it needs. When the sensor tells the robot that the plant is ripe then the Agribot picks the fruit with its mechanical arms.

What else do Agribots do?

Agribots do more than just pick and water plants. Agribots have been programmed to have grapes prune when they are still on the vine. The Agribot slices the vine while the grapes are still on it. Then the grapes dry out and the Agribots pick them. At MIT they are making Agribots that are self-programmed. They are programming Agribots to know what the fruit needs and not to rely on the farmer to program the Agribots.

As you can see Agribots are very helpful to farmers. They may be uncommon now but in the future we will not have farmers, we will have Agribots instead.