Spanish Colonial Houses

By Brenna Kidwell

Historic Spanish Colonial Home

Modern Spanish Colonial Home


  • Stucco exteriors
  • Red terra cotta roofing shingles on a low pitched or flat roof
  • Interior or exterior courtyards
  • Arched doors and windows
  • Carved doors


Spanish colonial houses have a lot of aspects from Spanish building styles that were popular in Spain's early colonies in North and South America. They have aspects of Pueblo, Mission, and Mediterranean building styles as well. Spanish colonial homes are usually found in places that were under Spanish control, such as California, Southwest Texas, and Florida.

Elements and principles of design

The focal point of the modern houses is the large rounded windows that are in the front of the house. The roof shingles give rhythm because they are repeated throughout the roof and show pattern. The windows show balance and proportion on the stucco walls. Also, the windows had vertical and horizontal lines, which at height and length.

Why I chose this style

I chose this style because it reminds me of the common style of houses in California with stucco walls and terra cotta roofing. I love the big arched windows and red roof shingles. The large interior and exterior courtyards are also very beautiful and open up the yard.