Fabulous First Grade

Friday, February 15, 2019

Language Workshop

Our newest unit and essential question focus around - How do living things change as they grow? Students will be delving into how change can affect people, plants, and animals. Our current books can be seen below. We will continue to explore skills in the areas of character comparison, retelling, and analysis of illustrations. Currently students have been using their learned skills to showcase their knowledge of retelling using their own guided reading books.

Reading Workshop

All of our hard work is really paying off! Our first graders are up to 20 minutes of independent reading! Reading for such an extended period of time has taken great perseverance and dedication by our young readers. As we continue to build our stamina in reading, we are also developing new strategies and skills. Students have been working towards mastery of short and long vowel sounds, commas, as well as synonyms. Besides our word work students have also enjoyed reading the short story collections featuring Frog & Toad, for which they have been extracting information including characters, setting, problem, and solution. These next steps in reading comprehension can be reinforced at home, by asking simple plot or character questions post-reading.

Writer's Workshop

Last week our first graders wrapped up their opinion writing unit with pieces about their favorite animals, books, and summer activities. In our next unit we will be revisiting informational writing. We will be working in tandem with our language workshop, and the essential question of How do living things change as they grow? Students will be completing short teaching books to demonstrate their knowledge regarding non-fiction writing.

Social Studies & Science

We are continuing our science unit on evolution with discussions about plants. Last week we went into detail regarding why, as well as how plants grow. This is ongoing with the idea of adaptations, and how both animals and plants have developed adaptations to help them survive in changing environments. In the Makerspace students will be given the challenge of designing a habitat for a creature to live in.

Math Workshop

In math workshop, we have begun our unit on place value. To get us rolling we read Shoes in Twos. This book allows students to engage with the the notion of skip counting by twos, and later opens us up to exploration of skip counting by fives and tens.

We will continue to use concrete models and drawings to show our knowledge of numbers and place value.

Activities you can do at home include -

  • Naming a two digit number, then say "ten more" or "ten less" Have your child tell you the number
  • Try counting by tens backwards!
  • Make up and discuss short story problems that involve simple addition and subtraction.

Six Flags Reading Program

For completing 6 hours of reading outside of school time, students in kindergarten through grade 5 are eligible to earn a free ticket for Six Flags Great America. Please see the following link for more details and a reading log for you to print if you choose to have your child(ren) participate in this program. Reading logs will not be sent home with the students; it will be your responsibility to print them for your use. If you have no way to print a reading log, please contact your child's teacher and one will be sent home.

Your child may begin reading and recording his/her reading minutes any time! Completed reading logs are due by Friday, February 15th.

Please note: Six Flags does not allow 4K students to participate in this program.

Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Krahn, Rose Glen's coordinator for Read to Succeed.

#970-2451 or bkrahn@waukesha.k12.wi.us

Six Flags Read to Succeed information & reading log

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