The Inter-Disciplinary Approach

Integrative Curriculum Design - Nicole Woodruff - CUR506

The Inter-Disciplinary Approach is...

  • Connecting ALL CONTENT AREAS to share information and collaborate

  • Allowing learning to be interconnected
  • Increasing communication amongst colleagues
  • Formulating common themes and ideals across content areas
  • Creating the platform for co-teaching

Aims, Goals and Objectives

We are doing this in order to:

  • Create a curriculum that allows students and staff to find connections between all subjects of study
  • Design a school climate that is collaborative and reflective
  • Prepare students to be 21st Century critical thinkers and learners

Current Curricular Mapping System: Secluded, separating departments
  • Difficult to share information with teachers in other content areas
  • New teachers enter the classrooms lost and confused, with no direction
  • Very little collaboration amongst teachers
  • Constant confusion of expectations
  • Educators unaware of learning occurring in other classrooms

The Inter-Disciplinary Approach will Improve:
  • Communication across contents - find commonalities amongst different subjects
  • Teacher collaboration - Let's work smarter, not harder
  • Teacher retention - We want to keep you all here!
  • Clear expectations - No more feeling lost
  • Awareness of all learning - know what your partners are teaching


Departments - Meet once a quarter to make certain students are headed in correct direction:

  • Analyze data as a department
  • Brainstorm new tactics and share successes

Partner Contents - Teachers will collaborate, design curriculum and co-teach with other subject area in the grade level:

  • Math & Science
  • Language Arts & Social Studies
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Spanish & Technology


Administration Team:

  • Oversee curriculum map design
  • Hold bi-weekly meetings with partner content teams
  • Share overarching themes and data with whole-staff
  • Attend monthly department meetings

Partner Content Teams

  • Unit plan together before each quarter (create one unit for 2 different content teachers)
  • Meet with partners twice weekly to plan and reflect
  • Co-teach at least once bi-weekly
  • Create assessments that infuse both subject areas


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