Posh Academy Lower Town

Rainbow Room News

What a Fantastic Week!

I have really enjoyed getting to know all of your children this week! We have been busy learning about the letter J and exploring jellyfish. Here is what some of the children had to say about jellyfish:

Cohen says jellyfish have long lines hanging from their body called tentacles.

Brady says jellyfish can sting you. He knows this because it happened to him!

Ella says jellyfish live in the ocean.

Harper wants to know if jellyfish can be bigger than a Great White shark. We investigated and found out that a Lion's Mane jellyfish can grow to be 120 feet long! That is 100 feet longer than the biggest Great White shark on record!

Liam says he and his mom made a jellyfish out of a trash bag and put it in a jar! It was fun!

Addison says jellyfish eat fish.

We also learned that jellyfish live in all oceans, even the cold ones, and that they don't have a brain!

Exploring the World

This week your kiddos impressed me with how much they already know about geography! They are able to find our country and all the cities that each student lives and also where some of our friends lived before moving to Paducah such as Germany, New Zealand and Ethiopia! Next week we will build on that knowledge and start exploring the seven continents starting with North and South America.