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Children at Work 5.31 - 6.3

Feeling Ready to Resolve Conflicts: Some Ways We Support Children

The social-emotional development and maturity of our students is key to the progression of our curriculum. As you most likely have experienced, six and seven year olds, particularly when faced with conflict, deal with a variety of emotions. We work diligently to support children in dealing with strong emotions and resolving conflict in healthy and sustainable ways. Bulleted below are a few ways in which we support children in resolving conflicts sustainable and productively.

  • Mindfulness
  • Belly Breaths
  • Self Talk
  • The Purposeful Use of a Quiet Corner or Nook

As always, please feel free to reach out to us regarding any questions you have about our social emotional curriculum, it's purpose, and use.


Brian and Sivanne

Writing Workshop: Making Characters Come to Life Through Dialogue

One of the things we focused on adding to our writing this week was dialogue. As part of this process, we encouraged children to consider and be influenced by the way they and others speak in daily life. We also supported children in realizing the varying ways people communicate and how it might look on the page: yelling, shouting, whispering, and questioning to name a few. Children worked to add dialogue through speech bubbles, thought bubbles, and quotations.

Reading Workshop: Getting to Know the Main Character

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We can't have an adventure without a character. Children were introduced to this truth this past week. Children worked to locate the main character of a book and identify the characters internal and external traits as well as their likes and dislikes. Using Mr. Putter and Tabby Drop the Ball as our mentor text, and Frog and Toad and Winnie the Pooh as popular examples, we also began to learn more about characters by noticing their relationships.

While reading at home with your child, ask them to describe the main characters of their books. Encourage them to be specific about the character's likes and dislikes. Facilitate a discussion regarding the inner and outer traits the character's possess.


Problem Solving Using Math Tool Kits

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We Need Cereal Boxes

We will be using cereal boxes to make containers for our series books in writing workshop. Please donate any you currently are planning to place in your recycling bins.
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Important Wave Hill Field Trip Information

This Tuesday, we will be heading to Wave Hill. Please note that this will be an all day field visit. Please be sure to send your child to school with hats, sunblock, water, and a pair of comfortable and durable walking shoes.

Additionally, if you are able to supply us with extra snacks, picnic blankets, and field games such as frisbee, please let us know or send your child to school with one of the above.

Thank you,

Sivanne and Brian