By: Mariam Abd


“vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion”

Why is it Important?

Music is a part of a lot of people and a lot of cultures. We listen to music almost everyday. Music is involved in movies, parties, cars (radios), etc…

“Music is a universal language that we all understand. By appealing to our emotions, it has the ability to break down complex issues into things we can all relate to like love, friendship, fear, or loss. In this way music expands our horizons and opens our minds to new ideas.”


Blake Shelton

Sure Be Cool If You Did by Blake Shelton


R&B { Rhythm and Blues }


Make It To Me (Teaser) by SAM SMITH


Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple by LifeGivingSound


tweshyaaaa. x

Nico and Vinz - Am i Wrong (Lyrics) by tweshyaaaa. x


How long would it take?

Writing a song takes time because there's so much to think about. You need a Melody a Rhythm, Form, Harmony, and you have to think about the Texture.

  • It took Adele two days to write, “ Someone Like You”

  • It took 20 minutes for Taylor Swift to write, “Love Story”