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Lava red Giuliano Venanzi boots, Real leather,size 37 EU.

Giuliano Venanzi boots

Real Leather

Brand New

High quality Classic Shoes made in Italy.

Lava red colour with inlay floral design, purple crystal buckle.

Size:s Eu 37,Japan 22.5,Uk 4,Australia 5, US and Canada 6.5, Russia 35.

93/8 inches, 23.8 cm.

length: 39 cm

length of heel:10.5cm

width of boot: 36 cm

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Blanket for baby handmade. for pram/capsule 90 x90cm

Blanket for baby handmade.

Soft. Threads Acrylic.

The front side, light pink, soft blue reverse side.

Size: 90 * 90cm

Long-sleeved T-shirt, for a boy of 2 years. 100% Cotton 83-89cm 12kg

Printed pure cotton T-shirt 100% cotton

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T-shirt with long sleeves, for a boy of 2 years. 100% Cotton

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