Something HUGE is coming!!

Stay tuned...

Plans are in the making

2015 is quickly approaching and we all know the New Years Resolutions will be drumming up.

*Plant your seeds now during the slow times & get at least 1 NEW customer signed up for FREE everyday!

*Text the 24-hour recorded call to EVERYONE in your phone.

530-881-1499 pin 137907#

*Master the calendar! If you need help in this, please let me know!

Where will you be in 2015?

The Le-Vel Thrive Experience train is leaving with or without you on it! Where do you want to be in your Le-Vel business? What is your WHY? Do you have a vision board or vision folder? Are you writing your goals down? Are you having team calls every week?

As your leader, I am here to help you be successful and reach your goals in this business, whatever they may be. But I can not help you if you don't reach out to me and let me know what those goals are. I am here for anyone on our team at anytime, no matter what level you are. This business can not be done without the help of your upline.

I am very excited for our future in Le-Vel and I am working on something BIG and hope you all participate to take advantage of it. So with that being said, the first task is to send me your goals for the month of January 2015 by December 28th. You have 2 full weeks to think about it and getting all in writing. You can screen shot and text them or email them to me.

I AM...excited and looking forward to working with you all!!