All About Me

Janae Thomas

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Queen Janaeđź‘‘

My name is Janae. I was born October 3, 2000. I was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica and moved to Canada in 2008 where I currently live in Brampton. I have an older brother that can be overprotective. I love to dance and watch movies on Netflix in my spare time. My favourite TV shows are: pretty little liars, Empire, shadow hunters and orange is the new black. I'm into mystical and fantasy movies/ t.v shows, I find that they allow me to get away and be in another world other than the one I am in. It also goes along with my wide imagination. My favourite place that I visited was Atlanta, Georgia where I spent most of the time with my favourite cousin. I have also visited: Virginia, New York, and Ottawa. One day I would like to travel the world with my best friend and our boyfriends. My favourite artists are: Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez. The only sports I watch occasionally are basketball and football; but I do not consider myself an expert at either sports.

My Life Line

Favourite Things

Bryson Tiller Trapsoul Album is one of my favourite things because I enjoy listening to every song on the album, but also I can relate to each song on his album. I find him to be an excellent artists that put his soul into his music. I specifically like this album because every song on the album has motivated me or helped me in some way shape or form.

Leadership Style

The leadership styles I would consider myself to be would be a teller, but also a joiner. They are both opposite styles, but acted on depending on the situation. I am mainly a teller when I am babysitting my niece and nephews. I am better off being a teller then as I am in control of those younger than me. I rather be in control of people than in control of someone older than me or someone that is the same age as me. I would a joiner in situations where there are a lot of people my age and their is a big goal to achieve. I rather be part of the team instead of standing out as a teller, because it would be a lot of pressure being the leader if something goes wrong. For example; during gym I would not want to be team captain of a sport; in case we lose I would not be blamed for being a bad captain.
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My influences growing up changed as time goes by. My biggest influences are the people I am around and the people that interact with me. The only influence that has stayed with me and have a positive impact on me as I grew up was Demi Lovato. Not only did her music speak to me, but the things she went threw when she was a teenager and the things she stand for has made me adore her. My friends have also influenced my character as I am around them almost everyday. When you around a certain group of people you tend to adapt to each other and your personalities reflect off each other. My friends can be a positive and a negative influence on me, but they have helped to build the brave and outgoing side of me. Without my friends and my best friend I would still be a shy, self-conscious girl not ready to face the world.


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I consider my role model to be my mom, which can be very cliché, but after the difficult patches she has been through she is truly a strong woman in my eyes. My mother has been their all my life , as she gave birth to me, but through every difficult time in my life she has stuck by me no matter what. My mom is a strong, outgoing, independent , loving, caring and generous person and I am proud to call her my mother. My mom is important to me because without her I wouldn't be where I am today. She brought me into this world, but she also brought me into this country on her own. My mom is my role model because she shows me that no matter how hard things get, or difficult some days might be, if you try hard enough you can get through it.


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My future career plans include going to university and getting a job as a registered nurse or pediatric nurse. For my university choices I would like to go McMaster University, Western University, Brock University or Ryerson University. In one of these universities I would like to complete my Bachelor of Science and go into the nursing program. In the end I would like to be able to work in a children hospital or an emergency room. I am interested in this job because: I like to work with children, I like to know I can help someone in one way or another, the adrenaline rush of working in an emergency room is very addictive, and also I enjoy working with and helping others.

Family Symbols

Furious 7 - Official Trailer (HD)
Furious 7 is another family symbol. This is because this is our favorite movie out of the fast and furious series. We watched this movie together and all enjoyed it. Even though we have watched the previous fast and furious movies; this is considered our number one favourite. If you were to ask anyone in my family anything about this movie, they would be able to answer you in an instinct.


Learning Skills Test

My top learning style is a Kinesthetic- Visual meaning I like to be in the field and taking action when I am learning. I agree with my result because I learn best when I try what I am doing, instead of listening, writing or memorizing. I find it easier to learn from my mistakes and get something right rather that listening and not understand what is happening. This way I can note what I am doing right or wrong and be able to fix it. I find that if I am not trying and being judged then I am most likely not to ask for help and figure it out on my own. To be a nurse this would not be good when dealing with a patient because then I can mess up and do things wrong. Therefore, I learn best when I have hands- experience as it will be easier for me to recite it in the future.

Personality Test

My personality type is "ENTP" which stands for extroverted, iNtuiting, thinking, perceiving. I strongly agree with this result because I am a very passionate and contradictory person. I like to "argue" and prove to people that I am right about something. Also, when I am speaking about a topic that really draws my attention I get very into it and the details about it. I also agree with these results because I constantly take in what is around me and analyze it with what I already know. Personally, I find that when I speak to people I like to stick with what I believe in and argues its facts and meanings until it is proven right or I have accomplished something out of it.

Interests Test

My number one interest type is " The Translator". This means I break down difficult information into ways people can understand. I agree with these results because I do not like talking to a person if they do not understand the concept of a situation or the main ideas. Also, personally I have to break things down in my head before I full understand them. The way I break it down in my head makes it easier for me to break it down to others. Everyone's idea's are important and should be valued. A person can not see the real value of a circumstance if they do not completely understand it. Therefore, I agree with the results of this survey and the questions that it asked as it reflects part of me.

Knowledge Test

I agree with the results that my top subject is physical education. In physical education I am able to learn the lifestyle and well-being of a basic human. Which will help me in the future on understanding the human body. Also, physical education helps me with my own body fitness. My second top subject areas are social science and science. I agree with science as a close second for my favorite subjects. In science I enjoy biology and chemistry and relating it to my current life and how I am living. Also in the future I would need to take these subjects in high school to do the occupation I would like. Together physical education and science will help me in becoming a nurse. Both topics relate to the human body's functions/ growth & development and understanding.

Motivations Test

I am strongly motivated by thinking about the outcome of what I am doing. If what I am doing will have a positive result or a helpful result then I am more determined to complete the task. Also, without having a feeling of full completion, I do not feel that the task is done. I need to have a satisfied and accomplished feeling to be full content. Relationships is a close second motivation factor. I personally find that when you are mentally and emotionally connected to the people are you, then everything and every task becomes easier. Having a good relationship says a lot about you as a person, but also says a lot about you to a person. In conclusion, I agree that my top motivation factor is achievement. As it is my main motivation when completing anything, and the feeling that your hard work pays off is very satisfying. I also agree the relationships would be a second motivation because personally relationships mean everything to me. They also contribute to a large part of your life.

Multiple Intelligence

After taking this quiz my strongest multiple intelligence is Intrapersonal strength. From strongest to weakest my strengths are: Intrapersonal strength,Interpersonal strength/ Musical strength/ Kinesthetic strength, Logical strength, Existential strength/ Verbal strength/Visual strength and Naturalist strength. I was surprised by my results as I thought my results would have been Interpersonal instead of Intrapersonal. The order of my results did not really surprise except for the Intrapersonal being first and Interpersonal being tied with musical strength and kinesthetic strength. Every other order in my multiple intelligence quiz makes sense and does demonstrate who I am. In addition, I agree with the results of the quiz that Naturalist strength is my weakest, as it was expected. This demonstrate who I am because I am not a outdoor or nature loving person.

I do not agree with this quiz results, as personally I feel like I understand other people's emotions than my own. I think my number one intelligence should be interpersonal. In certain situations that have affected me in real life I find it hard to understand my own emotions and what I want, but i find it easier to understand other people and what they want and/or saying. After taking this quiz and realizing that I know myself more than I thought I can now use this in the way I learn and the way I do things. I can use this in my learning by trusting my instincts and trusting my gut when I am taking a test or doing my work. Also, I can reflect on myself instead of others when completing a task and not doubting myself. In real life situation I can now realize that my emotions and feelings are not wrong and I can understand them more than I thought. This way instead of asking people for advice and listening to them I can listen to myself and know that I am not completely wrong and I understand the situation more than I am leading on.

True Colours Test

I strongly agree with my True Colours test as my top colours are blue and orange. I agree with my assesment because both colours describe both sides of me. The colour orange demonstrate my adventurous side and the idea that I like to take risks and try something new. I personally feel like orange describe my personality because when I go out I act before I do. I like to do dangerous, but fun activities that can be very risky. When I take these risks I am motivated by the idea that I only live once and I need to live my life to the fullest. I also agree that orange is one of my number one colours because I am very playful and I take almost everything as a joke. I do not like to be serious, as I find being serious is boring. The colour orange also demonstarte my passion for freedom and fun living. I am passionate about the idea that anyone should be able to do whatever they want even if it is dangerous; it is their life and the risks they take is up to them. I do not think anyone should have the right to stop someone from doing something crazy because they are not the ones going through with the idea.

In addition. my other number one colour is blue. I agree that this is also one of my number one colours because I care about others and their emotions/ feelings. I like to know that everyone is happen and if they are not their is a way that I can help. Personally, I feel that no one should live their life unhappy no matter the cause. I also value my relationship with other people and how they see me. Your first impression on someone always stays even if they realize who you are later on. Having a strong and healthy relationship with the people around you can lead to a positive and happier life. Also, I agree that blue is one of my strongest colours because I have a wide imaganiation. Knowing that some of the things I dream of won’t come dream I still want to believe that their is hope they might some day. Since I was a little girl my imagination has been very broad and out of the world and it still continues to be up to this day.