See Dox Thrash

at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

For a limited time only.... see the original works of Dox Thrash on display as you've never seen him before!

Dox Thrash, printmaker and painter, is mostly remembered for his invention of the carborundum print. Thrash resurfaced lithographic stones with carborundum, a coarse, granular industrial product made of carbon and silicon crystals, to produce images with soft, expressive hues and great tonal variation. His carbographs, or Opheliagraphs (named after his mother), depict a wide range of subject matter, including urban and rural landscapes, industrial laborers, portraits, Philadelphia street and slum life, and other genre scenes.

Dox Thrash was born in 1892 and died in 1965.

Dox Thrash on Display

Monday, Sep. 21st, 9pm

2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Philadelphia, PA