What season is it?

In Quakertown, PA it is late winter early spring.

Highest temp. lowest temp.?

Highest: 49 Lowest: 27

What were the winds like? How high? What direction?

1 MPH southwesterly northwest.

What was the percipitation like?

0.7 inches of sleet.

What was the humidity percentage? Did it change?

The average humidity was 60. Yes it ranged from 48-80

Who was my contact/resources?

My grandparents. They have been living in Quakertown since they were married 50 years ago.

According to your contact person what is the weather like?

According to my grandparents the weather is very cold but only really gets to them when it is windy or raining and cold.

How close were my predicted temp. compared to real temperature?

I was around 15 off I thought it would be a lot colder than it actually was.

What is the overall climate of the city during the current season?

Cold and lots of snow/ice days

What is the latitude? How does it affect the climate?

the latitude is 40 degrees it is much different than Texas because it is farther away from the equator. Since it is farther away it makes it colder.

Is it large or small city?

It is a small town in Pennsylvania U.S.A.

Is Quakertown prone to hurricanes or tornados?

With no bodies of water near it Quakertown it is not prone to hurricanes or tornados.

Is it near the mountains?

No, Quakertown is a good distance away from any mountains.

Is it near an ocean or large lake?

No, Quakertown is not close to major bodies of water.

Which ocean currents affect it? Warm or cold?

Since there are no bodies of water there are no currents.

Where is Quakertown located?

It is located in Pennsylvania north of Philadelphia and south of Allentown.

Some pictures of Quakertown.

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