MP3 Week 3

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This Week's Mission: Explore It!

Make a List of Possible Ways To Solve Your Problem!

Investigate Inventions and Ideas of the past!


  • Week 1: Think it!
  • Week 2: Explore it!: This week's mission!
  • Week 3: Sketch it!
  • Week 4: Sell it!
  • Week 5: Create it!
  • Week 6: Try it!
  • Week 7: Tweak it!

This Week's Mission: Week 2: Explore It!

This Week's Mission:
  • Watch the short video by Mrs. Suski below!
  • Narrow your list of problems down to the problem you want to solve!
  • Make a list of possible ways to solve this problem!
  • Find out if people have tried to solve this problem in the past?
  • Think of how you can improve on their solutions!
  • Bring your notebook to chat!
*There is no assignment to upload this week! However, I would like you to bring your inventor's notebook to chat with the problem you have decided to invent a solution for and any ideas you have to solve this problem!

*See below to watch a short video from Mrs. Suski about this week's assignment!
*See below for this week's Inventor's Notebook example!
Click Here to Watch a Short Video by Mrs. Suski

Wondering where to get started? Click here and I'll explain it!

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ePals Spark Lab! Invent It Challenge!

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