Tim Berners Lee

by Vincent Canas

The Birth Of A Hero

Timothy Berners Lee was born on June 8, 1955 in London, United Kingdom,he was raised with a fairly good paid family. his mother and father were mathematicians and scientists. Around the time Timothy was born his mother and father were working on the Mark 1 computer which will soon be able to have internet access thanks to Timothy himself.

Timothy's education

Timothy Berners Lee went to Emanuel elementary school. but while in elementary school his parents were teaching him about computer science and mathematics.while he was in high school he built robots and other mechanical machines. when he graduated high school he went to the queens college and that is when he actually started to get more involved with computer science because he had more access to the lab and its equipment.

Lee's invention

Timothy Berners Lee was trying to think of a way to share documents without mailing them and having to deal with the mail system. since the computer has just been invented he could maybe transfer documents through the computer. but he had to find a way to get global access to other computers. after a long periodically time he made the world wide web or the internet by using the same concept on how cell phones work.

Timothy's awards for his work

his invention didnt get much notice at first but then people started to hear more about it and they told their friends and their friends told their friends and so on. when his invention was well noticed he recieved awards like the MacArthur Fellowship, Marconi Prize, Charles Stark Draper Prize, Mountbatten Medal, and President's Medal for his works and recognition.

Timothy's life today

Tim Berners Lee has lived during the bombing of 9/11 and the assasination of JFK but didnt affect him much considering he lived in London. Timothy got married at the age of 59 to a woman named, Mrs.Rosemarry Leith on june 20 2014.

Timothys impact on life for us today

With out Tim Berners Lee we wouldn't have the internet. we wouldn't be able to share documents through the web or other web related things. he was thinking in a way that others were not . he wanted to create a system where we can share documents freely without the hassle of having to go to the post office, and thanks to that we have the internet as it is today