Where I Stand

By: Cristina Musa

We Need More Doctors!

I strongly believe that there are not enough doctors to care for people in our communities. This is a major issue for families and markham residents to have because some people arent able to get the care that they need because all clinics are busy, or have family doctors that live too far from them. I can prove this based on previous and personal experience that I have had over the last couple of years. For example, I am currently a markham risedent and my family doctor lives in downtown toronto. I am not able to go alone to my family doctor since i would have no method of transportation since my doctor is far from me. The only way I could get there is if my parents take me and sometiems it is hard for them because they would have to take time off work. Usually I only go to my family doctor for checkups but when I have a fever or a flu I go to a walk in clinic in Markham. The problem with the walk in clinic is that it is always busy no matter what time or day of the week it is. If I were going to my family doctor I would be able to make an appointment and I wouldn't have to worry about waiting for hours for my turn. Since I wouldnt be going to my family doctor and I would be going to a walk in clinic, I wouldnt be able to make an appointment and it would result in me waiting for hours. This is a problem for most people because one, they either have to be somewhere and can no longer wait and cant get the care they need. Two, they wait hours for no reason only to recieve a lousy prescription. And three, busy clinics can result in people going to hospitals for unimportant reasons. If there were more doctors working in the walk in clinics then this would not be a problem since patients would be getting the care they need much faster. It is not the citizens' fault that the clinics are busy, its the fact that there is only one doctor working to care for over 30 patients. People would equally be getting the care they need and it would result in markham risedents being happy.
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Not Enough Doctors for Baby Boomers

Nature Is Disappearing!

Over the past few years, development has been increasing and the number of rural areas have been decreasing. Alot of parks, fields, ponds, etc. have been disappearing because there are a lot of buildings and houses being built. Years ago, there werent as many factories and houses as there are today. There were beautiful landscapes and beautiful parks that families loved attending. There were also many animals that lived in the environment that were either killed or had to find a new place to live. Ontario is losing their beautiful landscapes due to all the construction occuring. An example of this is from my own personal experience in my neighborhood. UMPS (unionville meadows public school) is a school in my neighborhood with a beautiful park and a huge field behind it. For the last few years, the school had to worry about exapnding the building since there were more students attending and didnt even realize that they were using up the fields and parks' space. This was very upsetting for me because I had always gone to that park when I was young and I had a lot of memories there. It also upsets me that people do not care about the animals' environment. I know that markham residents wouldnt want someone kicking them out of their own property. Animals losing their home results in mostly death and soon to be extinction which is another problem in Ontario. I feel that new buildings should not destroy any of the environments or parks and should come up with another idea on where to build homes, buildings, factories, etc.
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Too Much Traffic!

There is way too much traffic occuring in the roads of Ontario which is causing a lot of conflict with Markham residents. Too much traffic results in people getting to their destination later than usual since there are way too many cars trying to go the same direction. Traffic also causes accidents since people are not careful. For example, highways become really packed in the evening when people are on their way home from work. This is a problem because some people have somewhere to be. They posibbly have to pick up their kids, attend a meeting, or have a personal emergency. Traffic also results into people trying to do crazy turns and skipping lines which leads to accidents. The reason for traffic is because one, there are too many people doing the same thing at once. Two, the roads arent wide enough and there are only a few lanes. And three, people are lousy drivers. On certain days my mom picks me up from tutoring at 5 and we go home. On our way home, we go through a lot of traffic and I see that it stresses my mom out. No matter where you go, there is traffic everywhere and this needs to be resolved immediately.
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