Mobile Apps in the Classroom

For K-12 students

EZ Read App

This app is particularly useful for secondary students who are having trouble with interpreting literature. For example if the student is studying a shakespeare play which have been known as really difficult pieces to understand, they can use the EZ read app to access spark notes to view summaries, interpretations of quotes and much more.

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Slate Math App

Slate Math targets elementary grades and includes a variety of activities to enhance a students math skills. Activities range from as simple as counting to as difficult as problem solving to accommodate for a wide range of mathematical levels and ages. This app can be used for extra practice at home or in the class as an add on to the lessons provided by the teacher.

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Brain Pop App

This app can be used by students from K-12 and covers a great variety of disciplines/subjects. Each subject includes many exercises to challenge the brain whether it is through doing quizzes or playing games. Students are able to learn through an alternative way that is fun and interactive. Some children such as visual learners prefer to watch a video or play a game in order to understand the lesson.

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Trading Cards

Trading cards is very useful for secondary students when trying to remember significant names and/or the impact that character or person had. For example if your students are reading a novel, they can make trading cards for each character in the story to get a better feel for the plot and how the characters are interpreted throughout the story.

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This App is widely used across the world and is very beneficial in a classroom setting. With this app you can look up a word like you would in a typical dictionary to get the meaning but this mobile app makes this process more faster and efficient. For instance you may give your students the opportunity to create their own story and with the help of the mobile app they can choose the correct term easily.

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Edmodo App

Edmodo is similar to a social networking site in the way that it connects teachers and students in an online community where teachers are able to create group pages for their classes. Educators can post reminders,quizzes, polls and extra resources for their students to guide them through any subjects they are teaching. If a student forgets about what is due the next day they are quickly able to log in to their Edmodo account and view any alerts the teacher may have posted.

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