Ag Impact on Shelby County

By: Christabel, Emily, Ethan, Connor, Gracie


  • In 2007 there were 871 farms and in 2012 there were 869.

  • average size of the farms in 2007 were 411 acres and in 2012 there were 428.

  • Fsc has a business for farmers by selling seed and spraying the fields.

  • Cyclone Seed and Chemical helps by soil sampling and giving maps for fertilizer.



  • cattle-44,612 head
  • hogs
  • chickens

Livestock Products:

  • meat
  • eggs
  • milk
  • many more products

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  • acres of farmland
  • land in Shelby County
  • corn price per bushel
  • soybean price per bushel.
  • Cover crops


  • Impacts farming technique. Today we use contours Farm to feed the country
  • 100 years ago everyone was farming
  • The farmers only used steam machines
  • used horses to pull crops


  • People will show their animals in 4-H.
  • You would also have a Shelby County Fair.
  • Joining FFA is FUN for people because you get to sell fruit, popcorn, and other things. And you can also have a steak dinner.
  • People will have meat lockers to store their meats in.
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  • Helps crop farmers:
  • be more time efficient
  • choose what hybrid they will be planting for the upcoming year
  • Hybrids can be to used to:
  • prevent pests like insects and diseases
  • creating strong stands
  • increasing the yield per acre
  • Helps livestock farmers:
  • butchering process has become more efficient
    Problems with technology:
  • machinery needing fixed
  • high demand for more skilled workers and people with educations to fix these problems.
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