MARCH 2014

team perfect - monthly update


March was the most incredible ride for our team! Our sales were a 50% growth over February, and our team expanded by an astounding 15%! We welcomed 47 new members to the team this month, and the new members just keep on rolling in! You clearly have set your goals and nothing is getting in your way! I am overjoyed and so impressed with the work you are doing. What a blessed month!!

With so many new designers joining, if you can join us tonight for our live PJ Party Training, that would be super helpful! (Details below).

Check your back office for more information on:
  • New Spring Hostess Exclusives
  • New Movin' On Up Incentive
  • New Soar to Success Incentive
  • New Mother's Day Supplements available to order now!

TONIGHT: Live PJ Party: New Designer FAQs

Thursday, April 3rd, 9-10pm

This is an online event.

Thursday Night PJ Party - New Designer FAQs!

Thursday Night Pajama Party with the Team Perfect crew!

The Technology:
Using Google Hangout on Air, I will be presenting a live video training to you all. The presentation will be simultaneously shared on air as well as automatically recorded and posted to YouTube.

To participate live, you will do three things:
1) go get on your real computer or laptop. Not a phone or tablet!
2) go to the YouTube link once it is posted, and begin watching the webinar. There will be about a 30 second delay from what I am currently presenting in Google Hangout, but I don't think anyone will notice that.
2) come to the EVENT page in our Team Perfect Facebook group to follow along with chats and ask questions. I will be answering your posted questions LIVE during the training!

What if I don't use Facebook?
You can still watch live on my YouTube channel, though you will have to send me a text message if you have a question you want answered during the call.

What if you can't make it live?
That's ok. The recording will be available on my YouTube channel for you to watch at your convenience.

announcements & updates

Mark Your calendars!

  • Wednesday, April 16th = AWESOME call put on by our direct-to-corporate leader, Kristine Stevens of the Shining Jewels team. If you're new, call in nice and early for the back office walkthrough. If you're comfy with the back office, call in at the 'regular time' for updates and awesome trainings!!! This call has TWO parts: you call the number AND you also login online to see the screensharing through

    NEW DESIGNERS - Back Office Training: 5:30 pm (AZ Time)
    ALL TEAM CALL - 6:30 pm (AZ Time)
    Click to register for NEW designer webinar
    Click to register for ALL team call

  • Every Thursday - Our weekly Team Perfect PJ Party!! Join our live web-based team training at 9:00 PM Austin time. Trainings are held on Google Hangout with live feed to YouTube, plus interactive Q&A from the Facebook event page. Check my YouTube channel for past trainings!

recognition of march rockstars

Seriously: IMPRESSED!! Check out our Team Perfect Top Achievers for March 2014!!


Congratulations to our promoting team members in March 2014!

Team Leader

Paula Alsup - Team Leader

Leading Designer

Dawn Holmes - Leading Designer

Valeria Cantwell - Leading Designer

DeAnna Clark - Leading Designer

Aimee Maull - Leading Designer

Marna Erhart - Leading Designer

Ester Valenzuela - Leading Designer

Paris Ontiveros - Leading Designer

Randi Harrison - Leading Designer


Total Team Perfect volume March 2014: $63,808.95

Top 5 individual volume, March 2014:

Dawn Holmes $2,545.20 <-- Just started on Feb 24th!!!
Deby Alexander $1,896.20

Marna Erhart $1,741.90

Jennifer Wright $1,581.10

Jolene Kulasinsky $1,417.41

Top 5 team volumes, March 2014:

Lisa Garbe (Rhinestone Cowlgirls) $10,064.00

Brandy Merrell (Origami OwlStars) $8,485.30

Nina Chavira (Charmed Chicas) $7,387.00

Diane Gay (Alotalockets) $7,034.20

Judy Thomason (Hootie Hoots) $5,728.20


Total Team Perfect new members: 47 HOOT HOOT!!!!!

TOP MENTOR: Aubrianna Insco with 4 new designers!! Congrats!!

{Aubry is TOP MENTOR for the second month IN A ROW!!!}

3 new designers

Aimee Maull

Crystal Clark

Dawn Holmes

Lydia Smith

Nina Chavira

Rachel Turner & Janessa Robinson
Randi Harrison

Valeria Cantwell

2 new designers

Ester Valenzuela

Paula Alsup

Susan Shannon

1 new designer

Allison Alford

Amanda Collins

Carolyn Longoria

Joanna Neely

Julie Wellman

Kasey Hoag

Lisa Hunt

Liza Reilly & Parker Gonzales

Maria DeLeon

Marna Erhart

Sonia Jones

Stacey Weathers

Congratulations team on a great month!!

For accountability purposes, here are my own March Stats:
PV = $
1,340.00, new personally sponsored designers = 1

welcome to our new owls!

Please join me in giving a warm welcome to our 47 newest Team Perfect members who joined in March 2014!

Amanda Collins

Amanda Schawe

Amber Hankins

Ben Alsup

Bethany Sloan

Christy Gardner

Courtney Prince

Dawn Sephus

Ellice Moyer-Foster

Felicia Johnson

Gaila Ellis

Gina Garcia

Gretchen Norton

Heather Peal

Jamie Hill

Janet Calhoun

Jennifer Ellis

Jennifer Torres

Jessica Castillo

Jonna McNeely

Katherine Vidal

Katherine McDaniel

Kelly Ballengee

Kimberly Murphy

Kimberly Carrasco

Lisa Hunt

Lori Burklund

Mandy Mizzell

Maria DeLeon

Maria Martha Cantwell

Marnie Garza

Mary Lewis

Melissa Curran

Meredith Hobin

Michelle Gonzalez

Monica Garza

Olivia Griego

Shannamay Shattuck

Shaylena Fulton

Sheryl Schlatter

Stacy Hopkins

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Limon

Susan Puhar

Tara Shafer

Teresa Valdez

Turonnia Barnett

Team Perfect "Granders" Club!

Congratulations to the following team members who had $1,000PV or more in March! Watch your mail for a special little recognition on its way from me!

Dawn Holmes $2,545.20
Deby Alexander $1,896.20
Marna Erhart $1,741.90
Jennifer Wright $1,581.10
Jolene Kulasinsky $1,417.40
Katie Curtis $1,340.00
Lisa Doyle $1,230.00
Paula Alsup $1,177.60
Valeria Cantwell $1,034.90
Stacey Weathers $1,025.40
Erin Gholson $1,022.95

Join us Online!

If you're a member of Team Perfect and you also use Facebook, please join us online at
Our group is a great place for information, camaraderie, and quick answers to your questions!

Contact Me!

My name is Katie Curtis and if you're receiving this message, you are part of Team Perfect! Please feel free to contact me for help on anything. My office hours (and the time I am most likely to back to you) are
Mornings: M, W, F, 9am - Noon
Evenings: M, W, Th, 8pm - 10pm
Weekends: reserved for Jewelry Bars

Our team website is still under construction, so don't worry. If you click the link and not much is there, that's OK! More to come very soon!!