Conjugate preterit verbs

AR Verbs

When conjugating ar verbs in the preterit, one must use these endings:

Yo- é Nosotros or someone y yo - amos

Tú- aste Vosotros or someone y tú - asteis

El,Ella,Ustd.- ó ellos, ellas, or ustds. - aron

Now for example "regar" you must drop the ending "ar" and put the ending that fits the subject. Yo regé las plantas

Er / IR verbs

Yo- í Nosotros - imos

tú- iste Vosotros- isteis

El, ella, ustd. - ió Ellos, ellas, ustds. - ieron

Example: Juan comió (comer) una docena de hamburguesas

Irregular yo form

Now the verbs ending in -car, -gar, and -zar are way different.

--When conjugating -car endings one must replace the "c" with "qu"

Example: aparcar- to park the yo form would be Aparqué

-- Now with the -gar verbs one must replace the "g" with "gu" to give it the appropiate sound.

Example: Jugar- to play, The Yo form of that will be jugué

--Now we have gotten to the -zar verb endings, one must take the "Z" and replace it with a "C"

Example: Rezar- to pray, the yo form wil be Recé

Orthographic changing verbs

This includes verbs that end in -aer, -eer, - oir, or -oer. These verbs have accents over their "i' and the él, ella, and ustd form ends in yó and the ellos, ellas, and ustedes form ends in yeron. The only exeptions are traer, atraer, and distraer

Example: Creer

Creí Creímos

Creíste creísteis

creyó creyeron

Verbs that end in -uir does the same but the only exception is the accent mark is on the i only in the yo form

Example: huir

Huí huimos

huiste huisteis

huyó huyeron