Autism Society

Central WI Chapter

Area Served, Hours of Operation and Location

They are a chapter of the Autism Society of Wisconsin that serves the counties of Clark, Forest Langlade, Marathon, Oneida, Portage, Price, Taylor, and Wood.

They are a group of dedicated volunteers that do not have a main office. They meet at other locations that are available.

HIstory of the Agency

They are a chapter of the WI Autism Society which is a chapter of the National Autism Society.

They have been a chapter for 12 years.

They started 5 or 6 years before that but they mainly held support groups.

Interaction with Schools, Parents and Youth

They mainly interact with parents and their children through support groups or other events. He mentioned that they recently rented out the Grand Lodge and invited families to come have fun for the day. They also have a bowling fundraiser in April.

Unfortunately, they do not interact with the schools as much as they would like to.


The agency is funded in a variety of ways. Small portion of their funding comes from memberships (1%). Most of money, however, comes from private donations and fundraisers. The main fundraiser is the bowling fundraiser I mentioned above.

Services Offered

They mainly deal with supplying families with information and referrals. They also hold support groups for parents and the kids. They have monthly “awesome” group meetings for kids. Co-sponsor statewide conference yearly, bring in national speakers.

How do individuals access the services?

Anyone can access their services, if they want to become a national member, it is $15. (Membership is not required). To be eligible for services, a child must have a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. In this agency, age is not a requirement; they hold support groups for all ages, even for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


They are evaluated by the state and national organization. They are evaluated to make sure they are following the criteria or guidelines the organization requires.

Link to IEP/Transition Process

They do not have a direct link. This specific part of the chapter does not have many affiliations yet, so schools often time overlook them.

Extra Information/ Volunteer Opportunities

They have a Facebook page if anyone is interested in volunteering or attending events to support the group.

They have a camp called Camp Awesum. If anyone is interested in being a counselor during the summer there is four one-week opportunities to do so.

Here is the link to their website:


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