End of Year Checklist

For staff not returning to NCISD


  • Workshop: login and download all certificates for professional development you have attended in NCISD. (need to add directions on how to do this)
  • Save any lesson plans that you wish you need a copy of (need to add directions on how to do this)

Google Apps for Education

Sometime during your last contract day you will lose access to all your School Google Accounts, email and drive. Before your last day you need to Save all your documents to another source and transfer ownership of any shared material to another team member

  • Drive: If you have created materials that your department would like to continue to use, you can transfer ownership to someone remaining in the district. The easiest way to do this, is to put all items in folders and share the folder.
  • Other GAFE: Any materials that you want to keep need to be downloaded and saved to a flash drive, Dropbox, or other storage media. You can also use Google Drive Stream to back-up and transfer files to a personal Google account. Find out how here