Environmental Study Project

Jorelis Pagan, Period 4, Ms.Kibbey


According to 2012 populations is 249,562 also can be known as 28.2%.The founders date of Orlando,FL is March 3, 1845.Orlando has changed over the years because back then there never used to be as much construction as now.Also much more trees are been cut down and used for other stuff that are not needed,houses as well are been broken down when they can be remodeled!

Natural Disasters

In the past ten years there has been a lot of natural disasters but the 10,worst one is the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in December 26th, 2004.Earthquakes cause houses and building to fall and lots of people are left without a house or a place to live.Another natural disaster is Hurricane Katrina in August 29th, 2005.Things are more likely to blow out of there place because the wind that the hurricane is making, it can even cause a tree to blow away and hit a power line.Hurricanes can be up to 600 miles across.Another natural disaster is the heatwave that happened in Europe in 2003.A heat wave is very strong because it can kill more than 1,000 people each year.


Orlando’s climate is normally at 83.Although not all the time because in the summer its in the 80s while in winter it drops down to the 70s and sometimes even 30s-50s!Floridas rainfall is 49.91 (in./yr.) , 0.0007877. (mi.yr.) and 46.1289 (cu./mi./yr.).The weather can have good and bad conclusions to the world.When it comes to Summer the weather does good to the humans because they can go to water-parks,beaches, and a lot more places with their family’s.However when its winter humans can’t go as much places because it super cold so some family’s stay indoors,not cool because i'm pretty sure they prefer being somewhere else.