All About Keauna!!

By: Keauna Pesina

Who are you??

Hello my name is Keauna. I have three sisters, Alyssa, Mya, and Chancie. I have one little brother, Payton. I am an aunt to an amazing little girl named Sofia. My moms name is Lacy and my dads name is Frankie. I love to play basketball and soon hope to play softball. I love monkeys and pickles as well. I also love to do hair and makeup and I one day hope to own my own business in cosmetology.

Who is a leader?

A leader to me is someone who stands up for what they believe in and makes a difference.

Who are my famous influential leaders?

Who are my influential leaders in my family?

My influential leaders in my family are, my parents because they are wonderful helpers and they are there when i need them, and my sisters because they are very smart and stand up for what they believe in and i think that is what a leader is all about.

What are my long term goals?

  • to go to collage
  • to be successful in life
  • to own my own beauty shop!

What are my short term goals

  • to be a better leader
  • to be nicer to everyone
  • to be a better helper