ACTS 7th Grade Newsletter

January 12-23, 2015 (Information covers the next 2 weeks)

Happy New Year!! May 2015 be a blessed and productive year for everyone!

NOTICE to ALL Parents

Students who already attend a Greenwood District 50 magnet or choice program via an application or lottery process will receive commitment letters for their program of attendance the week of January 21, 2015. Letters will be sent home with the students. Each letter will also contain a self-addressed envelope that is to be used to return the letter. Return all commitment letters in the provided self-addressed envelope to Cathy S. Chalmers, PO Box 248, Greenwood, SC 29648 by February 21, 2015. Failure to return the commitment letter by the due date could result in your child becoming ineligible to attend the magnet or choice program. Please double check those book bags and ask your child for their commitment letter. We look forward to learning and working with your child next year. THANKS!

Drama - Mrs. Keenan

In Drama, we are working with theatrical makeup! We are learning how to use different makeup techniques to create characters, and will culminate in the student's own design at the end of the unit. We will be getting bloody at the end of the week!

In pictures: Student Perrin Hazel has heavy basic corrective makeup on, and student Trevor Brewington has old age.

Science - Mrs. Sexton

Students are currently finishing up their study of cells and cellular processes. We hope to finish this next week (by the 14th). Students will be creating a Bloom's Ball as a means of reviewing all of the information. The last week of this month, my seventh grade classes will be working in small groups to research diseases. Students will be given a rubric with the instructions for this project the week of the 23rd.

The next test will be on cells and cellular processes. This test will be given the first week of February.

Science - Mrs. Griffin

The students will be working with differentiating between animal and plant cells, as well as the cell processes in organisms. There will be a small quiz over cells on Tuesday the 13th.

For Jan. 20-23, the students will be working on comparing bacteria and protists during the first part of the week. The latter part of the week will be dedicated to cellular processes. There will be a quiz at the end of each section.

Art - Mr. Winchester

7th Grade Art Rotation will be working on a final reflection paper as the end of the semester draws near. After Wednesday of this week, they will move to a new rotation for the second semester.

7th Grade Art FOCUS are currently working on a country-themed project where they have chosen to research a country then complete an artwork that he/she feels embodies that country.

Social Studies & ELA - Mrs. Padgett

Mrs. Padgett's 7th grade Social Studies class will be beginning their study of World War I.

Mrs. Padgett's 7th grade ELA class will be continuing their work on companion books for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Companion books should be at least 5 chapters long. They are due on Thursday, January 22. Students should be working on these at home. There will NOT be a stem word list this week. They will also be reading and responding to "The Third Wish," a fairy tale in their new literature books.

ELA - Mrs. Templeton

The students will be finishing reading A Christmas Carol and have a test on Tuesday. No vocabulary this week. We are working on grammar and the functions of a sentence. Continue working on the companion book for the novel they read. It will be due January 27. A rubric will be given on Monday.

Math - Mr. Smith

7th grade math students have completed chapter 7 and had their end of nine weeks test on Friday, January 9th. These grades will be posted to power school shortly. We will begin chapter 8 on Monday. As next week is a short week there will be no assessments.

Dance - Mrs. Brewington

7th Rotation: We finished up our study of Bob Fosse. I enjoyed teaching your child for this semester. Our last day together is January 13th.

7th dance focus: Costume letters were sent home January 9th. Money for costumes is due January 23rd. We have completed our swing dance for the March performance. We have begun our second dance for March which uses a chair. Optional duets, trios, and small group pieces will be audition January 22nd. Encourage your child to check for class updates, video clips, and worksheets on google classroom.

Math - Mrs. McDaniel

Students will be taking their 9 weeks common assessment in math.

Social Studies - Mrs. Babb

Our Nine Weeks Test is scheduled for Tuesday, January 13th. The make-up date is the 14th. Correct answers for the review questions will post on give all students a chance to finish answering them.

We will finish the unit on Imperialism when we return on the 20th.