Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

Pricilla Hernandez A.

The Milwaukee Cannibal

Born : May 21, 1960. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Death: November 28,1994. Portage, Wisconsin

  • Sex offender and serial killer, he killed 17 mean and boys.

Earlier Life: Childhood

On his 4th birthday, Dahmer was diagnosed with a double hernia, he needed to get surgery. The surgery left Dahmer feeling exposed and open, no one had explained to him what was going on. He felt scared by the surgery , people who he didn't know exploring his body. This was said to have marked his subconscious forever. By the age of 6 his mother gave birth to a boy named David, Dahmer never did became close to him. In 1968 Dahmer was sexually molested by a boy in his neighborhood in the rural bath township. When he was 10, Dahmer started experimenting with dead animals :

  • bleaching chicken bones with acid
  • Decapitating rodents
  • nailing a dogs carcass to a tree, mounting head on a stake
Dahmer's parents got worried about what they were seeing, but thought it was just a "boy thing."

High School

He was an ordinary student, he had weak subjects as well as his strong subjects just like any other student, but there was more to it. When Dahmer started high school, everyone tried keeping their distance from him. People thought he was strange, because of the way he would talk and he would have a very very short temper. He soon realized that if he would drink with the popular ones , the so called

" best of them" he would fit in. Soon after he started drinking heavily everyday. He began to do odd things like trace around bodies with chalk on the classroom floors. When he started doing that his classmates started to think he was more than just weird.

Dahmer graduated in the year of 1978, from Revere High School. During his senior year, his parents got a divorce going their separate ways. He took the divorce hard. At the time of the divorce he was 18, so the court didn't really decide with which parents he would go with. On the other hand his parents Joyce and Lionel were fighting over the custody of his younger brother David. That upset Dahmer very much, because he once more was feeling unwanted. Like his parents didn't care about who or where he lived. He saw more as an abandonment. Dahmer ended up staying in the same house where they were all living once, while his mother ended up moving to Chippewa falls, Winsconsin with full custody of David, and his father no where to be found.

First Victim: Steven Hicks

In the year of 1978, on June Dahmer killed Steven Hicks. Hicks was a hitchhiker , who Dahmer had seen wlaking and offered to pick up. He ended up taking Hicks home to his parents house, where he ended up getting him drunk. When the man tried to leave Dahmer gave him a blow to the head with a barbell, killing him. Dahmer then cut up the body, he places the body parts into plastic bags, and buried them in the woods behind the house.
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College: Ohio State University: Army

On January 1979, Dahmer attended college for one term at Ohio State University, he ended up dropping out due to his drinking problem. His father insisted for him to enlist in the army. Dahmer was sworn in on December 1978 and was sent to Germany. His Drinking problem continued and during early1981 the army discharged him for alcoholism. During this time in the army he didn't commit any crimes.. When he returned home from the army, Dahmer pulverized Hicks remains with a hammer to scatter them into the woods..

September 1986: Dahmers Arrest

On September 1986, Dahmer was arrested for his second time, for masturbating in front of 2 young boys, he got 1 year of probabtionary sentence. His first time being arrested was for disorderly conduct, which made his father send him to his grandmothers house in Wisconsin.

September 1987: Second Victim

Dahmer took his second victims life on September 1987, Steven Toumi. They both met a gay bar and they checked into a hotel room and drank. The next morning Toumi was dead. Dahmer claimed that Toumi was dead right next to him when he woke up.He had bought a big suit case to transport the body to his grandmothers basement. There he had sex and masturbated on the dead body, before he cut the body into pieces and put them into the garbage. Steve Toumi's remains were never found.

Dahmer's killing spree

His killing spree lasted more than 13 years. He sought out mainly on African American men in gay places. He induced them by promising sex and money. He would give them alcohol laced with drugs. Then he would strangle them to death. Once that was done, Dahmer would have sex acts with the body. He would next dismember the body and get rid of it. In some cases he would keep their skulls or genitals as "souvenirs". He routinely took pictures of the victims at different angles, and processes of the murder. That was done so he could "recollect each act afterword and relieve the experience." This included gathering the skulls of his victims and masturbating in front of them, giving him gratification.

Other things done to bodies and how were victims chosen:

Dahmer would experiment with chemicals that would help with disposal, he consumed flesh of his victims. He also attempted lobotomy, which is the operation with sever connections with the frontal lobe of the brain. When doing this he would drill into the skulls of his victims. While still alive he injected them with muriatic acids.

He was careful when choosing his victims, who were constantly moving place to place or criminals. That would make their disappearance a bit more noticeable, reducing the chances of him being caught.

What lead to the arrest? July 22, 1991

Tracy Edwards , a young African American man wondering in the streets with handcuffs , was picked up by 2 officers. The officers investigated further in, and went to Dahmer's house. The young man said Dahmer had threatened him with a knife that was in the kitchen, so to back that claim up 1 officers went to the kitchen, while the other stayed in the front. The officer that went to investigate stumbled upon some pictures of cut up bodies. They kept looking around and found heads in the freezer, catalogs of his killings, skulls and genitalia in jars. Dahmer confessed his murders during interrogation, and he plead not guilty, but due to advice from his legal council he changed his plea to guilty by virtue of insanity. The jury didn't believe that, he believed that Dahmer was aware of what he was doing and chose to do what he did out of evil. He was sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms.( 957 years)

May 1989:

Dahmer had trial on may, 1989 for child molestation. During the trial he constantly argued in his own defense, saying how he had seen the errors, that the arrest was a turning point in his life. The defense council argued he needed treatment, so there for he was sentenced to 1 year prison on " Day release" which allowed him to work during the day and return back to prison at night, with a 5 year probationary sentence.
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After nearly 2 decades of Dahmer's death , Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer's name made headlines on August 2012. Why? Because back in Akron, Ohio in his childhood home where he had committed his first murder was being listed for sale.

In 1994 Dahmer's father , Lionel Dahmer published a book named " A Fathers Story : One Man's Anguish At Confronting The Evil In His Son." A story that "tells his poignant story of life with his son Jeff Dahmer.