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February 2017 Edition

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February's M-Powerment Strategy: Maximize Instructional Time and Resources

What does this look like in MGSD? Teachers...

  • Work with your PLC to break up instructional tasks and maximize each others' strengths
  • Co-teach with the IC and SLMC to make sure that all students are engaged and on task
  • Give clear, specific directions in both written and oral form so students know what to do next
  • Post time guidelines and timers or use student timekeepers to keep lessons on pace
  • Use student job roles to increase efficiency in group work
  • Establish classroom procedures and routines for class so students know what to do as soon as they come in
  • Organize and prepare materials/groups/directions in advance so you can teach bell to bell
  • Use MGSD Digital Resources to provide engaging, differentiated lessons with tools appropriate to the task
  • Enforce classroom rules, routines, and procedures to minimize disruptions
  • Use Brain Breaks, music, and movement for transitions to help students reset before a new task
  • Use calendar, agenda, and digital organization tools to help students keep track of responsibilities
  • Plan activities for early finishers to avoid "I'm done, now what can I get into" syndrome

3rd Quarter Professional Development

We introduced this Professional Development on Student Motivation & Engagement at our last early release day. Please make sure you have selected which activity you plan to do for credit.

Need Additional PD Credits?

Share on our EMIS padlet what kinds of things you are doing relating to the M-Powerment Strategies. Remember, participating in the padlet post every month can earn you a PD CEU! Need more information about this- just ask!

Helpful Resource: Instructional Strategy Cheat sheet

I am constantly asked for a strategy or way to engage students (Either SOS or Kagan). I put together this list of easy to implement strategies so you can easily pull ideas and build engaging lessons. If you haven't looked at it yet (You had a hard copy in your box), please check it out.
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PlayPosit "Broadcast" feature for whole class delivery...

This allows your whole class to take a lesson together:

  1. Project your playposit lesson at front of the class
  2. Have students login with a code
  3. Questions appear on individual student devices where embedded
  4. Monitor data during and after the lesson

Learn more about broadcasting through PlayPosit here or through our LMS here.

Superbowl 2017

While you watch the superbowl....post your favorite Recipes, Food pictures, pictures of your family, or links to videos of your favorite commercials!