Thursday, February 12, 2015

13 Reasons People Think 13 is Unlucky

Remy Melina wrote an article as to the scientific validity (or lack thereof) of fearing 13.


Here is a list of 13 Reasons some people believe the #13 is unlucky.


Link to the infographic below:

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Math Word Processor!

With FastFig you can quickly edit and solve everything from arithmetic to calculus. Type and share interactive math documents online and with mobile devices. Your keystrokes instantly become math symbols.

Graphs, videos, and pictures can be added.


A Google A Day

"A Google A Day" is an easy daily way to incorporate internet search practice and a bellringer activity at the same time!

Everyday Google posts a new question for students to answer through searching. A counter on each student's page will show how long it took to find the answer.


Lists from Mental Floss

The Mental Floss Youtube station has an interesting series, "The List Show." Each video is about 7 minutes long. The show covers many subjects, some of which might be useful in the classroom. Three sample videos are below:

Online Create Your Own Adventure

This authoring tool,Twine, makes creating and sharing interactive “choose-your-own adventure” stories and games easy. ine is a downloadable program available on PC and OS X that allows for the creation and mapping of interactive stories through a simple graphical interface. Develop logical thinking and storytelling skills by creating an interactive narrative with this easy-to-use storytelling program.


Civics Interactives

iCivics, founded by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, place students in different civic roles and give them agency to address real-world problems and issues. They are rooted in clear learning objectives and integrated with lesson plans and support materials.

Three examples of more than 20 issues are below.