JHU Advisee Blast <September 2016>

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Hey 2015 National Cohort –

School is in session! From your classroom to your courses at JHU. We are getting into the midst of the semester for sure.

I wanted to make you aware that I will be out on vacation from Wednesday, September 21st to Tuesday, October 4th. During this time, I will have no access to internet nor email. If you have an emergency while I am out, please get in touch with my colleague Matthew as mschul16@jhu.edu.

Over the next week, if you have anything that comes up or want to chat, please reach out so we can get it resolved before I leave next Wednesday.

Be well, be revolutionary,


Action Items and Important Information

1. JHU Student Health Insurance Deadline September 15

If you need health insurance, the deadline to enroll in the Johns Hopkins University Student Health Benefits Plan is Thursday, September 15. The plan is administered by Consolidated Health Plans (CHP), who has contracted with Cigna’s network of providers. Once you are registered for fall, you may enroll for health insurance via SIS self-service athttps://sis.jhu.edu/sswf/Default.aspx. To log into SIS, use your JHED login ID and then look for the “Personal Info” tab and then select “Health Insurance”.

2. JHU Alumni Association Student Grants

Applications are being accepted for the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association’s Student Grants. Each year, the Alumni Association sets aside over $67,000 to award to student groups across all nine divisions of the University. Last year, 66 groups (or 64% of applications submitted) received funding. The application process is now entirely online. Visit http://alumni.jhu.edu/studentgrants for more information. Apply online by Thursday, October 20th.

3. Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching Program

Announcing the launch of the 2017-2018 Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching (DA) Program Online Application for K-12 teachers! Students may be eligible to participate in an international professional development opportunity for 3-6 months through the Fulbright Program. By conducting educational research abroad, U.S. teachers gain new skills, learn new instructional methods and assessment methodologies and share best practices with international colleagues and students. Teachers may travel to: Botswana, Finland, India, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Palestinian Territories, Singapore, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam. Please visit the program website for updates and for the application process, click Fulbright . Application deadline: December 1, 2016.

For eligibility requirements, visit www.fulbrightteacherexchange.org


1. The Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy:

The Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy is dedicated to integrating the domains of research, policy, and practice to achieve educational excellence for all of America’s students. They often events and send information on current publications and policies that are highly applicable to your work in the classroom. If you haven't yet signed up for their newsletter, I recommend it. You can sign up here and read more about their work here: http://education.jhu.edu/edpolicy/.

2. Program Forms: If you haven’t already, please make sure you take care of the Program Forms. To find the forms, go to the JHU MSEd Program Site and click on “New Student Action Items” on the left hand side. Then click on it again. Once you are on the main page, click on “Program Forms” to see them. If you click on the links below, you have to already be logged in Blackboard:

  • 2016 Memorandum of Understanding - Only FIRST YEAR corps members and second years still working towards an award are eligible to sign an MOU. By signing an MOU you are promising to send your AmeriCorpsfunds to JHU once you receive them. If you sign an MOU, JHU will allow you to accrue the AmeriCorps amount of $5,775 before requiring an out of pocket payments. If you are a second year corps member, alumni or student that already has AmeriCorps funds, please feel free to apply those funds towards your degree at any time. If you are a second year that signed the MOU, you must send any AmeriCorps funds you have in your account currently and then you will be able to accrue up to the AmeriCorps amount for your second year.

  • 2016 FERPA - Only first and second year corps members and fellows need to sign a FERPA. By signing a FERPA, you approve JHU to share information about your progress with TFA and/or TNTP. It can be very helpful to collaborate with staff in your region which is what this form allows.

  • Institute Verification Letter - In order to receive the nine waived credits for having completed your program's summer training, you must have your TFA region send us a letter verifying that you successfully completed institute. This letter must be on TFA letterhead and have a physical signature. The letter must be sent to our team. TFA Students, send the letter to soe.tfa@jhu.edu.

  • Parental Consent Form for Media Documentation - Some of your courses will require you to video tape yourself teaching. It is your responsibility to have this form on file for your students that have asked not to be a part of those videos. Feel free to wait to hand this out until your specific course(s) that requires video submissions, we just want to share here as a resource.

Important Contacts

Sites to Bookmark

1. The JHU Portal: https://my.jh.edu/portal/web/jhupub/

  • This is your "one-stop-shop" for email, ISIS, Blackboard, the ELC, the library and much more--please explore!

2. Program Information: http://education.jhu.edu/Academics/masters/MSES/tfanational/

  • Overview of the program.

3. Registrar: http://www.students.education.jhu.edu/register/

  • The registrar helps with anything enrollment related.

4. Student Accounts: http://www.students.education.jhu.edu/pay/

  • Student accounts will assist you with anything billing/tuition related.

5. Financial Aid: http://www.students.education.jhu.edu/financial/

  • For those interested, all financial aid information is found here.

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