Jackie Robinson

By: Michael Molina

Born - Died

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born January 31,1919 - Jack Roosevelt Robinson,was born at Cairo , GA -Died October 24,1972.


Jack Roosevelt Robinson and his family moved to Pasadena California.Jackie's parents were Mallie , Jerry Robinson.Jackie's Father was a share cropper.


Jackie Robinson went UCLA bruins school. Pasadena college , John Muir High school, Washington High School.


The first Black man to play white man's baseball. That's why he's a Civil Rights Activist.

five facts you should know

-Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cario, Georgia.

-Jackie Robinson played in white mans baseball and he was a African American.

-Jackie Robinson life and legacy is steel remembered in American History.

-Jackie Robinson married Rachel Islum in 1946.

What i learned about .

I learned is that the white people were treating every colored person wrong.And not think your better than other people.

5 words that describe Jackie Robinson

respectful - outgoing - Hero - heroic - patriotic.


"Theres not an Amaerican in this country free until everyone of us is free".
The Jackie Robinson Story