Digital citizenship



  • Use a jumble of words, numbers, and symbols.
  • do not use personal info.
  • do not tell any one except your teacher and parents.

share jumper

  • you have a digital foot print.
  • do not share embarrassing stuff.
  • do not share inappropriate stuff.


  • do not comment back.
  • tell your parents if it bothers you.
  • do not post with out asking.

search shark

  • 3 keywords are best.
  • only use important stuff.
  • be careful what you search.

mix and mash

  • Give credit.
  • you can get in trouble if you don't.
  • you could also go to jail if you do not.


  • Do not walk and text at once.
  • Do not cross the street and text at. once
  • Text with out doing any thing else.
  • Do not text while driving.
  • You could die if you do.