One Hundred Percent Croatian

Two fortunate, worldy kids

A Way of Life

How many ten and eleven year-olds can say they live in a hidden paradise? Elena and Daniel Barbaric do experience heaven on earth every summer. These lucky kids reap the benefits of their grandparent’s heritage: growing up in a tiny village on the island of Hvar, Croatia. From competitive soccer matches, long swims in the crystal blue sea, and “strange” behaviors of the villagers, these fortunate children revel in Hvar’s mystique. Please listen to these siblings share what is unique, and a little bit quirky, about their second home.

Hunting Tragedy Hits Zastrazisce

A 100 year-old ritual turned tragic when a fellow hunter accidently shot and killed Percho Stipic. On the island of Korcula, ten men circled a wild boar and walked ceremoniously toward its carcass when an unnamed huntsman inadvertently shot off his rifle. The bullet hit Percho in the stomach causing him to bleed to death before he arrived at the hospital.

Stunned and saddened, the villagers of Zastraszice, Croatia ask how such an ill-fated event could occur to an admired man.

Shaken by his cousin’s death, Marko Stipic, shared these words: “Percho was the life of the party--a good, good man who everyone in the village adored. This will be a tough loss for all.”

Percho’s son died in a motorcycle accident only two years ago at the mere age of eighteen. This only heightens this loss for his surviving wife and daughter.

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