Sound Track for Julius Caesar

By: Sara WUbante

Nightcore - Silver Wings

SIlver WIngs By: Go Periscope

I chose the song silver wings, because through the end of the play all the characters talk about is being set free and flying. "visions of the dead falling through my head and the silver wings are going through my head" This is similar to Brutus seeing Caesar's ghost, and how Brutus wished to be freed from his shackles (body), and be freed from this Earth. "It's like they're dipped in red All reaching for my head" Represents how conspirators go through and touch Caesar's blood as a show of tyranny's end. "I'm just a victim of a hungry crowd." Seen as the citizens who easily destroy, terrorize, and victimize most of the characters, by betraying them or cheering for their enemy. "And the silver wings are going now the clouds that block the dark and the silver wings are going now in the crowds with everyone" Gives us an idea of the omens in the beginning of the play, and how everyone could feel something was quite not right.

Where the Lonely Ones Roam - Digital Daggers (Nightcore Edit)

Where the lonely ones roam By: Digital Daggers

"won't you come out We could paint the town red" When the conspirators bathed in Caesar's blood and showed everyone in Rome the blood of Caesar on their hands. "Cause it isn't over yet" When the conspirators thought that they were done after killing Caesar, but it only just began. "Need to have a little trust Just close your eyes and let me lead" When Caesar blindingly trusted Brutus to lead and killed him. "Sun's come up And there's no one else around" The sun symbolizes the end and the beginning of the new day, almost everyone killed themselves or did not have a happy ending. "Come down to where all of the others fell Get lost in the dark to find yourself" When Brutus kills himself after everyone has suffered or died tragically. Brutus fell and was slowly becoming the new Caesar, also did something horrible for him and Rome. "To where the lonely ones roam" No one has someone they can fully trust in this play, and all have a secret or mindset, that even in a crowd they are by themselves.
Teen Idle - NightCore

Teen Idle By: Mariana and the Diamonds

"I don't know why but I feel conned" How Caesar felt when Brutus killed him even after trusting him for so long. "I wanna be a real fake" None of the characters want the other characters to see their real selves in fear of death, and the notion everyone is your enemy. "fighting for the title" All the conspirators reaching for the top, which Caesar has left vacant because of his sudden death. "The pretty lies the ugly truth" All the conspirators telling others and themselves that everything is for the sake of Rome, but the sad truth is it was to make sure their powerful position is safe. "Feeling super,super,super!Suicidal" How most of the characters feel at the end of the play, tired and plagued by the end of the war and the Roman citizens, they want it to end. "And the day has come where I have died only to find, I've come alive" Brutus and Cassius felt the bodily shackles of what they have done and the bleak future on Earth. Both are freed from Earth and become alive (glad and finally at peace).