Sixth Grade English

Mrs. Herrell

Welcome to AJH!!

Welcome to the junior high. I am excited to have your child in my class and wanted to pass along important information. Please read and email me with questions at

District-Wide Grading Policy

Daily Grades 60%

Tests 40%

If a student earns below a 70% they have the opportunity to make that up for a 70% with a week.

Class Supplies

Each student needs to have a spiral notebook to be kept in class for notes and activities. They also need to come to class each day with a pencil and their AR book. Second six weeks I will begin a three strikes rule in each class. If a student comes to class without their supplies three times I will send their name to Mr. Branch.


Homework will be given out on Monday and due Thursday of each week. Normally it will not be more than twelve questions, but will vary from reading to writing. I base homework on the needs I see in the classroom.

Late Work

Students will lose 10% per day for late work. If it is not turned in when TAZ names are due, they will miss part of lunch from Tuesday to Friday of the next week. If the work is not turned in at that point, they will be given a zero.

Field Trip Policy

Please be aware that if a student receives an official write up in the office or from a teacher they will miss the next field trip.

Conference Time

If you would like to meet with me, please email me or call the office and schedule an appointment. I have conference 5th period daily from 12:30 to 1:25.