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May 2016: Celebrating, Supporting, Growing as Learners

The end of the school year is approaching!

May you spend some time reflecting on your year; celebrate your victories, learn from your challenges, continue to grow and recharge in this upcoming season.

We look forward to seeing you this summer during Balanced Literacy Institute! If you have registered, please look out for a confirmation email before the close of school with the details of the Institute you selected:

  • Option A: June 6-9, 2016
  • Option B: August 1-4, 2016
Balanced Literacy "Homepage"

Click here for information on PUSD's Balanced Literacy roll-out, including summer Institute details, curriculum and resources. Information will be continually added and kept up-to-date!

Upcoming Changes to the 2016-17 PUSD Curriculum

Refinement of the PUSD Curriculum

To support the PUSD Balanced Literacy Initiative, meet the instructional needs of our teachers, and accommodate the learning needs of our students, refinement of the PUSD Scope and Sequence and Unit Overviews are currently underway.

Significant Updates

  • Scope & Sequence: Curricular changes include increased consistency in the number of units on the K-5 scope and sequence for ELA, as well as consistency in the text types taught in our PUSD classrooms. *Unit Overviews will be updated accordingly to reflect any revisions on the scope and sequence.

  • Launch Unit: There will be a launch unit on every ELA scope and sequence, opening the school year for all teachers and students. The purpose of the launch unit will be explained during this summer's Balanced Literacy professional development.

  • Assessment Schedule: The assessment schedule will reflect teacher input received, as well as the changes to the scope and sequence and unit overviews. As a result, expect fewer testing windows in 2016-17, and consistent testing windows for almost all grade levels.

  • Informal Reading Inventory (IRI): As we roll out Balanced Literacy across our elementary schools, a first step is to have detailed knowledge of student ability and progress in reading. To that end, each school will use an IRI, such as Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2), Fountas & Pinnell's Benchmark Assessment System (BAS), or Next Steps to Guided Reading Assessment (NSGRA). You will receive an introduction to this during the Balanced Literacy Institute.

  • Math: 3rd-5th grade will no longer have access to the My Math Online component. Instead, we will be providing Front Row Education as a supplemental resource for math instruction in just these grade levels. 3rd-5th grade teachers, your premium account information will be provided in August, but feel free to check out the public version at www.frontrowed.com

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