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October 2021

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Happy Fall!

So many wonderful things are happening in our schools! Thank you to the administration, staff, students, parents and our awesome PTA/PTSAs who make our district great!

Check out all the info in this month's newsletter.

Laura Ulaszek

Council Newsletter Chair

Livonia's Corn Roast

The Good Old Fashioned Neighborhood Corn Roast was held on September 19 at Greenmead and the LPTSA Council had a table alongside the LPS Education Foundation. Council held a bake sale and a 50/50 raffle!
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Youth Making a Difference Chairpersons Needed

Council is looking for Youth Making a Difference chairpersons from all units. Thank you to those that have already sent their chairperson's information. Please email us ASAP at with your chairperson's name, email address and unit. If it's the same person as last year, please let us know so we can update our records. Information will be going out in early October and we want to make sure it is going to the correct people. For those units that do not have a chairperson, information will be sent to presidents. If you have any questions, please email us.

Thank you,

Nikki Watson & Debbie Pline

YMAD chairpersons


The school year has started – our students are back into the swing of things, activities have started up, and this year is in full swing! Have you had a membership drive yet? If so, let us know what you did and how you did in the next newsletter. We'd love to know how it went for your PTA/PTSA.

Your membership numbers should already be growing. Remember to send your dues to Michigan PTA by the 28th of every month for all new members that month.

Have you had your first PTA/PTSA meeting yet? Has your budget been approved? If so, don't forget to send in your Livonia PTSA Council annual dues and completed form. The address to send/deliver this to is written on the form. Please DO NOT send this form and payment to Central Office. The form is below. Every email address on the form will receive an email when the form and funds have been received for your records.

I can't wait to see how many members you can gain this year! Remember, you also receive PEP points if you achieve and exceed last year's numbers.

Sara Bennett

Livonia PTSA Council Membership Chair


Reflections season is officially underway. Thanks to all of the units who have identified a volunteer to coordinate Reflections at your school!

Don't forget!
This year's theme is "I Will Change the World By ..."
The deadline for student submissions is November 12, 2021.

Debbie Yates
Livonia PTSA Council Reflections Co-Chair

Who wants another 1800 PEP points?!

It's easy! Has your board signed the Bylaws Acknowledgement Form? How about the Best Financial Practice Form? Have you entered your Advocacy Chair, DEI Chair, and Reflections Chair into Memberhub yet? Have you sent in your annual Livonia PTSA Council Membership dues? If you answered yes to these, that's 1800 PEP points you just added to your ever growing total! Be careful, though, watch for due dates on things in order to properly get those PEP points. Be sure you sent everything to

Want to add even more points?! That's also easy! Every month, invite your Livonia PTSA Council liaison to your meetings and cc PEP. Has your PTA/PTSA done something noteworthy this month? Write an article for this amazing newsletter and cc PEP. Each of these is an easy 100 every month. For more ways to earn more PEP points, please refer to the PEP Checklist. Whenever an email is received that gains PEP points, you will receive an email confirmation back showing you did get credit for that item.

The current PEP standings are below, as of end of day on 9/26/21.

Good luck! I can't wait to watch those points continue to grow!

Sara Bennett

Livonia PTSA Council, PEP Chair

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Just a reminder that we will have a meeting of DEI chairs on Tuesday, October 5th to share ideas. We will be meeting on Zoom at 7 p.m.

If you have identified a DEI chair for your unit, please make sure to list them in Memberhub so that I can send them the Zoom invite. Thanks!

Debbie Yates
Livonia PTSA Council Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair

Founders' Day Photo Gallery Link

It's not too early to start uploading pictures for Founders' Day 2022! Below is the link for the album. Please make sure when you upload photos, they need to include your UNIT NAME and a short DESCRIPTION of the photo.


Buchanan Elementary

Buchanan held a Welcome Back Coffee & Juice Social on the first day of school immediately following drop-off. We had coffee donated from Biggby and used some budget funds to purchase juice, cups, sugar, and creamer. Parents mingled in our garden and the PTA board was available to answer questions and promote the PTA. We had great conversations with both new and familiar parents who are eager to volunteer this year and we ended up collecting about a dozen memberships on the spot!

Churchill & Franklin High Schools

Check out this fun challenge between two of the high schools! The losing school's principal has to wear the winning school's spirit wear for a day!

Cleveland Elementary

We celebrated a great first week by stocking the lounge with treats donated by our amazing Cleveland families!

On a Friday, all staff and students were treated to popsicles!

Frost Middle School

On September 17th, the Frost PTSA and Student Activities hosted Frost Free for our 7th grade students! Frost Free is a free after-school event that welcomes 7th graders to Frost and provides a fun introduction to all-middle school activity nights.

Students enjoyed snacks and drinks and participated in activities like basketball, volleyball, Just Dance, and crafting. Fruit, chips, desserts, and drinks were donated by parents and we had many parent volunteers as chaperones. This was Frost Middle School’s first Frost Free since 2019 and we were so excited to help plan it!

Kennedy Elementary

Kennedy Elementary PTA held a fundraiser that combined the outdoors, fun, and families. We held a mini golf fundraiser at Garden City Mini Golf on Saturday, Sept. 18 from 12-4 p.m. Our PTA received 15% of the profit made. It was a beautiful day and a great way for families to have fun together. All of the families that attended expressed their enjoyment of the event. Kennedy PTA made sure a board member was there during the 4 hours (several of us took a time frame). It was also nice to personally welcome and connect with each family that came. This was our first time doing an event at a mini golf course and we would happily do it again.

Randolph Elementary

Randolph is very excited to be holding our color run in the middle of October! The kids are doing an amazing job of bringing in donations and we cannot wait to celebrate their hard work with the run. We had a very successful mum fundraiser this past month and we are looking forward to handing out all the Schwartz mums to families in the next week. We are also gearing up to bring back our annual Fall Fest where our students dress up, play games, trick or treat, dance and enjoy cider and donuts. And last but not least, we had our first PTA meeting of the year with an amazing turn out! We are so excited to be working toward a normal year.

Webster Elementary

September has been a busy month for the Webster PTA. We passed out flyers educating what the PTA does for our school, answered questions and promoted membership during open house. The evening before the 1st day of school, the board chalked the walk around the entrances of the building to welcome staff and students with an uplifting message. We had a morning mingle with coffee/donuts on the first day of school, again promoting membership and fellowship. We ended that first week with a raffle for all of those who joined the PTA up until that date. Five people were excited to receive Target gift cards! Everyone who joined the PTA receives a hand with their name on it and then they are placed on a tree that is painted on our walls, symbolizing our community. We are excited that we are already only 50 people shy of our membership goal! We held our first PTA meeting of the year virtually, just to make it easier on everyone involved. We plan to host future meetings in-person as well as virtually to try and be as accommodating as possible.

We used the gift card that we won for most PEP points last year and bought the staff some yummy snacks and drinks to celebrate making it through their 2nd week of school. They really seemed to appreciate it and we learned that they love Coke and chocolate!

We then focused on our Walkathon, our primary fundraiser of the year, which happened on Sept. 30th. Our theme this year was "Brighten Up Webster." We are envisioned the students all wearing their favorite bright colors, families cheering them on with pom poms, fun dance music playing, a bubble machine blowing bubbles for all to walk through as we celebrate all their hard fundraising efforts. We also sold 'shout outs' from families to students that were read during the walkathon to recognize those special kiddos. We are hoping that we can reach our goal and build back up our funds after the lack of fundraising last year.

2021 City Election

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2nd. The LPTSA Council is working hard to help share information so our members can be more educated voters.

Livonia City Council has four open seats with seven candidates running. There are three incumbents (Rob Donovic, Jim Jolly, and Laura Toy) and four challengers (Carrie Budzinski, Dan Centers, Scott Morgan, and Ken Overwater).

We have developed a list of questions regarding their thoughts and ideas on issues related to the schools in our community. A questionnaire will be sent to each candidate and they are requested to reply in writing. Once we receive the replies, we will compile them in a summary and share with our members. The plan is to do so by 10/19 (2 weeks prior to election day).

In addition, we will share links to the videos of the Candidate Forums hosted by the League of Women Voters and the Livonia Chamber of Commerce.

For the City of Westland, there are Mayoral and City Council races. We will share video links to any of the related Candidate Forums.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mike Testa (


Please note that these dates and times could be subject to change due to any change in COVID-19 regulations. We will inform all units of any updates or changes as soon as possible.


TBD - Council Meet & Greet | TBD | TBD

11/17 - LPTSA Council Executive Board Meeting | 6 - 7 p.m. | TBD

11/17 - LPTSA Council Workshop | 7 - 8 p.m. | TBD


1/15 - LPTSA Council Chili Cook Off | TBD | TBD

1/19 - LPTSA Council Executive Board Meeting | 6 - 7 p.m. | TBD

1/19 - LPTSA Council General Meeting | 7 - 8 p.m. | TBD

TBD - Reflections Celebration | TBD | TBD

2/16 - Founders' Day Celebration | 6:00 pm | Vista Tech Center

TBD - Bus Driver Appreciation Event

3/16 - LPTSA Council Executive Board Meeting | 6 - 7 p.m. | TBD

3/16 - LPTSA Council Workshop | 7 - 8 p.m. | TBD

4/20 - LPTSA Council Executive Board Meeting | 6 - 7 p.m. | TBD

4/20 - LPTSA Council General Meeting (Elections) | 7 - 8 p.m. | TBD

TBD - YMAD Celebration | TBD | TBD

5/18 - LPTSA Council Officer's Training | 6 - 8 p.m. | TBD

6/15 - LPTSA Council Executive Board Meeting | 6 - 7 p.m. | TBD

7/20 - LPTSA Council Audit Party | 6 - 8 p.m. | TBD

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