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May 11, 2016

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Principal Remarks

From the Ben Davis Top 30 Awards (pictured above), Senior Choice Awards, NHS inductions, All Sports Awards, Evening of Excellence and all the other end of year celebrations, this is truly a time where we see why they call us Giants. We have just about hit the 10 million dollar mark for scholarships being USED (not just earned) by the class of 2016 and we are not near done! The Capstone pilot group blew away our community with their projects, and we have almost 50 more students earning honors at Evening of Excellence. Our students are doing amazingly!

But we still have 3 weeks left. Many of our seniors are NOT done! They need a few more credits to make it across that finishing line. We have to hold TIGHT to our procedures and not give students the opportunity to make bad decisions. It is one of the bad parts of my job when I have to tell a student that he or she can not walk at graduation because of a dumb decision. Please hold tight to all procedures. These last few weeks it is vital that you make sure students are where they are supposed to be and are engaged in learning bell to bell.

Reminder that we do not give finals early unless approved by Mr. Smith. You are required to give a final on the day the final is scheduled. You can do a part of the final before or after that day, but there does need to be a final on the day scheduled. The exams are scheduled for a longer period of time so unless it is a lunch time class, you may not need a 2 day exam. Also, make sure you follow ALL procedures for students with an IEP or ILP. If students need accommodations, give them the accommodations. This is a law and rightfully so; make sure you are fully aware of your student's testing accommodations and follow suit.

Thank you for everything you do!

Great News and Reminders:

  • Please take a moment to complete the Clarity Survey. The township uses this survey to make decisions about technology in our building. It is VITAL that we complete these surveys and that our students do as well. I know Matt Clodfelter is working on some classes that will complete this survey, but if you ever have a few moments left with technology in your classroom, please have the students complete this survey. The more voices we have in the process, the more input we give to our education center. Please follow the links below. Thanks!!

  • Please read the below email from Dionne Molsberry concerning Luke Hibbard.

"Good morning,

Just wanted to pass on a phone conversation I had Friday afternoon when I was working the switchboard.

A worker at the Indianapolis Central Library called regarding a student field trip to the library that Mr. Hibbard took. She wanted us to know what a wonderful job he did with the students. She said she was amazed by how he interacted with the students...always patient and kind, quick to answer all the questions they had, etc. She was so impressed that she took the time to call and tell us how wonderful he was."

  • Do not forget that if your room is getting updated this summer, please remove everything from your walls and lock away all valuables. It is very helpful if you label your desk, bookcases, etc with your room number so that the movers will move everything back into the correct room. Filing cabinets are not being touched so you are fine if you have posters hanging on the cabinets. Thanks!

  • Please continue to keep grades up to date, take attendance EVERY PERIOD, and do not allow students in the hallways without a pass. We never want to give students a chance to make a bad decision.

Congratulations to Judy Lowry who greatly impressed the DOE recently and they sent the following email. Great job Judy!

"Dear Administrators,

I would like to recognize Judith Lowery for her contributions to Indiana’s Statewide Family and Consumer Sciences Professional Development Conference on April 22, 2016. Judith not only took advantage of the opportunity to update and expand her content knowledge in Family and Consumer Sciences and best practices; in addition, she was selected to present an educational session on Walter the Farting Dog. The educational sessions are a crucial component of our professional development practices because it allows our teachers a forum for sharing best practices being utilized around the state.

Judith’s willingness to serve and share is a testimony to her commitment to excellence in education and to Family and Consumer Sciences. We very much appreciate your willingness to allow her to participate in our Family and Consumer Sciences Professional Development conference and supporting professional development opportunities for your teachers. Please help me in thanking her for her dedication, her service and her willingness to help other teachers in Indiana. Thank you for your support of the goals of Family and Consumer Sciences and professional development for our teachers."

  • Be very careful in allowing students into copy rooms without supervision. I understand that with centralized printing, it has to occur on occasion. But we have had some severe vandalism, especially in C112, and we need to monitor student use.

  • We have another alumni doing GREAT things!! Check out the following article:

"The Collegiate Sports Video Association named Jevin Stone, Video Coordinator

for the Penn State coaching staff, the 2015-2016 Big Ten Conference Video Coordinator of the Year.

Stone was selected by a majority vote of his peers in the Big Ten to receive the Conference Coordinator of the Year honor. He is now a finalist for the prestigious Bob Matey National Video Coordinator of the Year award, which will be announced at the annual CSVA banquet on May 12th, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Bob Matey Award is presented to the Video Coordinator who displays innovation, determination, perseverance, and technical skill as portrayed by the late Bob Matey, legendary Video Coordinator from Texas A&M.

Stone is in his 8th year with the Nittany Lions, 5th as Video Coordinator. He came to Penn State from the Indianapolis Colts where he served two stints as a Video Assistant, including the Super Bowl XLI Championship team. Prior to that he worked for the Cleveland Browns, the Berlin Thunder and Frankfurt Galaxy of NFL Europe, and Indiana State."

  • PLEASE remember to use the MAIL HALLWAY and not the attendance door.
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Upcoming Home Events

Wednesday, May 11: Appreciation Day for Cafeteria Workers and Managers, Softball, Jazz Encounter, Cap and Gown Distribution Night

Thursday, May 12: Girls' Tennis, Softball, Unified Track Meet, Area 31 Awards

Friday, May 13: Girls' Tennis

Saturday, May 14: Prom, Baseball

Tuesday, May 17: Baseball, Softball

Wednesday, May 18: Girls' Tennis Sectionals

Thursday, May 19: Girls' Sectionals, Boys' Track Sectionals, Dave Pelzer visit

Friday, May 20: Choir Spring Spectacular, Capstone Cultural Event

Saturday, May 21: Relay for Life, Girls' Tennis