Teaching Middle School Special Ed

ICT, SETTS , Self- Contained

Positions of a Special Ed Teacher

Integrated CO Teaching

Special Education Teacher Services

12-1 Class

Job Description

Teaching Secondary School Subjects to Educationaly, Emotionally and Physically Disabled Students.

ICT: Co- Teaching in a regular class with a Gen ed and special ed teacher

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- four years bachelors degree.

- Student teaching experience.

- teaching or vocational training

How Much are they paid ?

$45,450 for Entry Level Workers.

$72,010 for Experienced Workers.

Why Did i pick this Job

i picked this job because my mom is a special ed teacher and she loves it and i recieve services so i know how much they help kids. and i would never want to be the sole responcible person for 27 kids without someone else in the room with me.

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