South Africa

By Sam, Michael, and Rohan

Vocabulary Terms

  • globalisation- international integration, especially in terms of world trade, financial markets and communication technology.
  • annexation- the seizing of territory by an imperial power.
  • impi- a Zulu fighting regiment.
  • sub-imperialism- the use of local forces to serve imperial purposes.
  • “Scramble for Africa”- the carving up of the continent by European powers intent on grabbing whatever advantage they could from possessing and ruling over vast stretches of territory.

This is what an impi looks like. In the Zulu language, impi stands for armed body. But in English, we refer to them as a Zulu regiment.

Important Events

Boer War: 1899-1902

This is a war between the British and the Afrikaners. They started having conflict with each other around the 1890s. The Afrikaners feared the British and this affected them greatly.

Vereeniging and Union: 1902-1910

The concentration camps tarnish the British victory in the Boer War. Within three years, the differences between military deaths showed the skills of the Afrikaners. 22,000 British dead and 6,000 Boers (Afrikaners). They agreed to a treaty which ended the war in May 1902 at Vereeniging.

Racial distinctions: 1910-1934

The new Union of South Africa has a lot of racial groups. But they are all categorized and segregated. This is something that they are obsessing over. On independence, in 1910, there are about 1.3 million white citizens of South Africa. The minority is British.

United Party and World War II: 1934-1948

There was an economic upheaval in the mid-1930s. Which is basically a change in society or disruption. This threatened Hertzog's government. This caused him to form an alliance with Smuts. Their two parties National and South African are merged as the United Party in 1934. Later they take further measures to strengthen the policy of racial segregation, but the outbreak of World War II causes a rift between the two men.
This is a group of the Boers.
This is modern day Vereeniging.
This is a Zulu tribe. The largest ethnic group in South Africa.