Life During The New Deal

By: Bailey Condra

Roles That Women Played ...

-Eleanor Roosevelt helped women and was important during her husbands presidency

-France Perkins was the first person to head an executive department

-Many women became leaders in government agencies during the new deal

Roles Of African Americans ...

-In 1933 Hastie was appointed Assistant Solicitor in the Department of the Interior by President Franklin Roosevelt

-The Black Cabinet was the semi-official racial-affairs advisory committee of the Roosevelt administration.

-President Roosevelt’s record was not perfect

Artists During This Time

-In 1935, Lange worked on behalf of the Farm Security Administration

-James Agee filled his years with a variety of literary pursuits.

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Popularity of Movies

-People went to movies in an attempt to escape from their own problems

-Snow white was the first full-length animated movie

-it drew huge audiences so they could have better production

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Radio in the 30s

-Radios brought the news of the world on them so people could hear whats going on

-Roosevelt used radios for fireside chats

-CBS was a major radio channel in the 30s, today it has turned into a t.v channel

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-The radio helped broaden jazz music

- The radio played more well known bands