Romero and Juliet

Act 5 Scene 3

Key Characters

Scene Summery

The scene starts with Paris coming to Juliet's tomb with his servant Page. Shortly Romeo comes with Balthasar and is going to enter the tomb, but he is stopped by Paris who believes that Romeo is there to do more damage the Capulet's dead kinsmen. Paris wants to fight Romeo and at first Romeo Refuses to fight, however he soon forgets about not adding more sins to his hands and kills Paris. Romeo then tells Balthasar to go away and if he comes back he will be killed, Romeo then enters the tomb and makes reference to a creature eating up Juliet and as a result he wants to be food for the beast by killing himself in the tomb. Romeo then enters and sees Juliet lying next to Tybalt and states that Juliet does not seem dead in fact she has red in her cheeks and her face is not pale. Romeo quickly says that this is because death wants Juliet to be his bride. Romeo takes the poison and is soon dead. Friar Lawrence then comes to the tomb after Romeo is dead and Juliet is about to wake up. Juliet wakes up and wonders where Romeo is but soon sees his dead body. Friar tells Juliet that now her only choice is to become a nun and flees the seen. Juliet with no other option kills herself with Romeo's dagger. The watchmen and the prince they quickly find Friar and Balthasar and Friar tells the truth as well as Balthasar gives the letter to the prince. Lord Montague states Lady Montague died as a result of Romeo's banishment. The feud is resolved as the Prince talks about how everyone has lost two family members as a result of the Capulet and Montague feud and if it had never started none of the deaths would have happend

Song Reasoning

The song was chosen as a way to show how sad the events that occurred in the scene were. Four people died in the scene and as a way to express the scene a sad song was chosen

By Adom Danquah and Shawn Odenga

A time for us - Andre Rieu (Theme Song from Romeo & Juliet)