Ojibwe Summer or Niibin

By: Megan Leetch

Life During the Summer

During the summer, Ojibwe moved their wigwams and lived by lakes and rivers. During the winter they lived away from each other but in the summer, they get to rejoin each other and live as a community. Ojibwe loved to play lacrosse. Everyone loved to play it, children, adults, women, men, etc. They played on a big, open field. Ojibwe, spectated the other Ojibwe peoples game. They had sticks with pouches at the end to be the lacrosse sticks. They won and lost by trying to get the most points by throwing a leather ball into the other teams goal mark.

Food and Crops.

Women planted and took care of crops like corn, or also know as mandaamin. They took care of all sorts of food like, pumpkins, potatoes and squash. If women weren't in their garden, they were picking wild food like fruit and berries. Men didn't really hunt in the summer because if they killed an animal mother, the babies would die and they wouldn't have any food.