Sumerian Scribe Classes

Learn to write and enjoy the life ahead!

What will do you and learn in the class?

This is a class in which you will learn to write cuneiform, the written language in Sumer. Pictographs was our first written language that later developed into cuneiform, or that written language we use. Cuneiform is written on wet clay tablets and wedge shaped styluses are used to carve the symbols into the clay. Then the clay tablets dry in the sun and become permanent. On the last class of every month, you will go outside the city walls with Miss Beth and write a story about the countryside, Miss Beth will see how you are improving. You will be judged on neatness, format and correct symbols. After one year of taking the class, you will be a certified scribe and can work for the king as a scribe. Another option is to become a priest or priestess.


Join Miss Beth every Tuesday and Friday or every Wednesday and Saturday every week for a year from 11:00 am-5:00 pm. You will meet Miss Beth and her instructors at the base of the ziggurat and then go to Miss Beth's house.

Cost and Other Information

The cost of the classes are 400 shekel, I know this is expensive, but scribes are very well paid and are upper class, also priest and priestess are also some of the best jobs in Sumer. Also the clay tablets and styluses come with the class. Classes sizes are limited to only 50 people per class. It if first come, first serve so sign up early.