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May 19, 2017

Free Educational Resources

As you start to think about planning for next year, here's an article I found with links to many free educational resources which can be customized. Happy browsing!

Free is Good


  • Be vigilant and consistent - the end of a semester is a time when many students feel stressed and try to take short-cuts in their work. We've found one student cheating on quizzes, and it has been reported that many other students are doing the same thing. I've also had a complaint from a student about the vulgar language and gestures students are using in the classroom. Please be aware of what's going on and consistent in enforcing our standards.
  • Comments - The first set is due on Thursday. Please feel free to write and submit them at any time. I try to keep up with editing them each day.
  • TDEP - if you haven't scheduled your final TDEP meeting with me, please do so immediately. No matter how busy you feel now, it's only going to get even busier.
  • Dorm Move: If you haven't signed up yet to help with the dorm move, please do so now. We would like you to commit to helping with the move on both the final Monday and Tuesday. Many hands make light work!
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Important Dates

  • May 23 - Senior Assembly, X Block time
  • May 24 - MS Drama, X Block time
  • May 25 - Yearbook Assembly, X Block time
    • First Set of Comments Due, 8 AM
  • May 26 - Senior Chapel (11:30)
    • 2nd set of comments due, 8 AM
    • MS Shirt Signing (2:30)
    • Sports Awards (7:00, those involved with varsity sports)
  • May 28 - Baccalaureate, Paradise Hotel, 10 AM
  • May 29-June 1: Half-Days, 8th-12 Final Exams (schedule)
  • May 29 - 3rd Set of Comments Due, 8 AM
  • May 30 - Battle of the Books (5th/6th)
    • 4th Set of Comments Due, 8 AM
  • May 31 - 5th Set of Comments Due, 8 AM
    • Senior Tea, 7 PM (optional; all staff bring a dessert to share)
  • June 1 - Class Parties for grades 5-7

    • MS Awards, 11:00

    • Student Check-out, 12:30

    • Grades due by 5 PM

  • June 2 - Teacher Work Day

    • Commencement, 7 PM

  • June 5 - Teacher Work Day

  • June 6 - Teacher Work Day

How to Train Your Dragon

We’ve been discussing four valuable questions for every teacher to ask. We’ve talked about the need for clear targets and focused assessment of those targets. This leads to the next important question, “What do I do if they aren’t learning?” I chose the above title for this little newsletter blurb because at this time of the year, working with struggling students feels a little like training a dragon or herding cats…hard work. Everyone is tired (teachers and students), and student motivation is running low. In the midst of these circumstances, what do we do for our struggling students?

The conversation about grading fixes has been very helpful in this arena, and I’ve learned so much from other teachers in our group discussions at the high school meetings. I wanted to share one practical help to you today that might be something you can implement between now and the end of next week. I did this exercise recently with my students, and it went very well. I gave a cumulative assessment that required them to do tasks that related directly to the standards for multiple units. It was an open book assessment focused more on skill than knowledge, so they were free to get help from notes but not from people. Instead of grading it with a letter grade, I circled anything that was incorrect or partially incorrect. I noted the areas where I saw weakness and then gave it back to ask them to correct those areas. If they needed help, I let them ask for it during the revision stage. The assessment helped both them and me see the weak areas, and it provided opportunity for extra practice in those weak areas without the pressure of a test. Soon enough they’ll be taking a final with different questions but the same skills, but this was a great way to help them prepare. I encourage you to consider ways to help your students strengthen those week areas as we end the year.

Susan Allen

HS Teacher, Instructional Coach

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