Schooltrip England

All students

Trip is form 11 to 15 May

this is the list of stuf you got to take white you.

1. toiletry bag

2. pillow

3. sleeping bag

4. sneakers

5. walking shoes

6. enough clothes for a week

7. raincoat, rainboots, rain pants

8. phone on own risk

9. backpack

10. book, games

11. max 45 pound

Monday, May 11th, 9am

272-276 Pentonville Rd



13:00 Arrive in England Lunch

15:00 go to the hostel en unpack your bags

15:30 we get a tour of the hostel den you can do what you whant

19:00 eating in a restaurant

20:00 you can relax in your room

22:00 playing a game in the night

23:00 Sleeping time


12:00 wake up late because jet lag

12:30 Meal time

13:30 you can do what you whant

16:00 prepare for disco

17:30 Disco Start

20:00 Disco ends

21:00 Night game

23:30 Bed time


10:30 Time to wake up

11:00 Lunch

12:00 Sport day

17:00 relax time

19:00 Eating time

21:00 do a search game

02:00 Sleeping time


10:30 Wake up

11:00 Eating time

12:00 gowing in to the city to shop look at the bigben Edcetera

18:00 collecting outsite the bigben taking the bus back to the hostel

22:00 free time

24:00 time to go to bed


10:00 wake up

10:30 Eating

11:00 Packing your Bags

12:00 gowing back to holand

16:00 back at school