East Middle School for 5th Graders

Teach You How to be prepared By Ajay and Jason

East Middle School is really fun. You will learn a lot of things in East Middle School. You can pick what classes you want. You can change classes if you want.


There are different houses, this means that there will be different colored "hang out space" for each different grades in the school and 2 per grade.The 6th grade is upstairs with 8th grade and 7th grade is down stair. The cafeteria is down stairs by the learning stairs. Library is upstairs. 5th grade doesn't have houses or different blocks.
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A and B Days

There is also A and B days, A days are on Mondays, Wednesdays and B days are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A days you go to your a hours there are 4 main hours per day and encore every day. Friday you have all the a and b day hours including encore. There is one hour in all your classes except Fridays.You will get 4 min for passing to get to your classes. 5th grade doesn't have different hour or a and b days or 4 min passing.


Lockers are used to put your materials. To open your locker you turn it left to your first number. Next you turn right to your second number and pass it the first time, the second time you stop at your second number. After that you turn left to your third number and stop it.
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For different drills there are different things you do and different places you go to for each different class.

Class Dojo

Class is used to see positive/negative behaviors and to see you are on task.